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Undergraduate Studies: How to Apply

Undergraduate students enter Sciences Po after having completed their secondary studies. We welcome all applicant profiles regardless of background and country of origin.

One admissions procedure for all candidates 

Sciences Po attracts a student community unique in its academic excellence, social and geographic diversity, and multiculturalism. To ensure the recruitment of outstanding students from all backgrounds, Sciences Po offers a multifaceted admissions procedure that allows to reveal the value of all types of potential. Sciences Po is open to all talents, from all over France and all around the world. Whatever your secondary school or your country of origin, what matters are your academic results, your skills, and your desire to study at Sciences Po.

Four evaluations to select the best profiles

Our new admissions procedure consists of four separate evaluations, common to all candidates. This plural assessment ensures that admission be granted to students who have achieved academic excellence throughout their secondary education, confirmed by their scores on the French Baccalaureate exam or foreign equivalent, who know how to present themselves and express their motivations in writing, and are able to convince the jury in an interview. The four evaluations for admission are broken down as follows:

  • Marks obtained on the French Baccalaureate or foreign equivalent
  • Marks obtained over the 3 final years of secondary school; progress made and teachers' comments
  • Three essays demonstrating the candidate’s background, interests and motivations
  • An interview

How and when to apply

If you are preparing to sit the French Baccalaureate exam (whether in France or in an international French lycée), you must apply via the Parcoursup platform (within the deadlines set by Parcoursup)

If you are graduating from a foreign secondary school or preparing to sit a foreign secondary school diploma, you must apply via the Sciences Po admissions platform on our website (according to Sciences Po’s admissions calendar)

Visit the Admissions website for more information

What kinds of attributes does Sciences Po look for?

Each of the four evaluations carry equal weight in the admission decision: It is the combination of all results that determines the outcome of the application. All applicants are assessed against the same expectations. Candidates must demonstrate academic excellence, express their desire to study at Sciences Po and reveal their intellectual project for Sciences Po as well as their writing and thinking skills. The application file and the interview give each candidate the opportunity to bring out his or her qualities and potential. The successful candidates are chosen for their ability to shine in different and complementary lights.

How to prepare

Preparing to apply to Sciences Po begins in secondary school: it is the knowledge and working methods acquired in secondary school that are assessed, as well as candidates’ overall progress.

Finally, beyond academic performance, it is important to be familiar with Sciences Po’s general educational values, and those of the Undergraduate College in particular.

Key figures

  • 11000

    candidates in 2020

  • 2195


  • 20%

    acceptance rate

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