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Career prospects after a master's degree

Our Master's degrees offer a wide range of career opportunities

After completing their degree, 82 percent of Sciences Po graduates find a job opportunity within six months. Below is a brief guide to help you choose your programme.

Press, Media & Publishing

Graduates work in all sectors of the news media: television, radio, press agencies, newspapers, the web, etc.

Marketing & Communication

Graduates work for any organisations looking to publicise their activities, mission or products, from NGOs to multinational corporations, media outlets to public institutions, fashion houses to industrial manufacturers. Graduates may also work for consulting firms specialised in communications, marketing and advertising, or choose to start their own business.

Master's programmes at the School of Management and Impact

Human Resources & Employee Relations

Graduates work for public or private organisations in fields such as HR development (recruitment, university relations, education, career management, etc.), HR studies, HR communication or employee relations. They may also work for recruitment firms, human resource consulting firms or in corporate management positions.

Economics & Legal Careers

Graduates work as barristers or solicitors and in the legal departments of major companies. They may also work as legal experts in European or international organisations, both governmental and non-governmental.

Careers in Urban Affairs

Graduates work for consulting firms, architectural firms and design offices, local governments or international organisations, development or urban planning agencies, and in property development, social housing and real estate.

Strategy/Development, Audit/Consulting, Finance

Graduates work for consulting and audit firms, in the banking and finance industries, or in corporate management, strategy and business development positions. They may also work for financial regulatory authorities.

Public Administration & Politics

Graduates work in politics, for EU institutions, for national and local government authorities in France, and for large companies that do business with public authorities or focus on European issues.

International Cooperation & Development

Graduates work for world governance organisations, including both non-governmental organisations and intergovernmental organisations such as the OECD, UN, IMF, WTO, World Bank, etc.

Research & Think Tanks

Graduates work in academia, research institutions and think tanks.


Graduates found start-ups, manage companies or lead entrepreneurial projects within public or private organisations.

All Master's programmes, with the support of Sciences Po Entrepreneurs (FR)

Key figures

  • 47%

    of Sciences Po graduates are recruited prior to graduation

  • 87%

    found their first job in less than six months

  • 35%

    of alumni start their career outside France

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