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Scholarships and financial aid at a glance

At Sciences Po, we firmly believe that financial barriers should not get in the way of education. Thanks to our proactive social policy, we support every year 4 in 10 students.

To ensure that all students admitted to Sciences Po can smoothly and successfully complete their studies, Sciences Po has substantially expanded its social aid policy.

European Students

European students receiving the CROUS scholarship are not only exempt from paying tuition fees, but also receive a significant top-up grant from Sciences Po. Although European students are only eligible for the CROUS scholarship starting in their second year of living in France, Sciences Po substitutes the CROUS scholarship during their first year of studies. 

Sciences Po also offers financial aid to European students with limited household income but who are not eligible for the CROUS scholarship.

Discover all the scholarships dedicated to French students or European students.

Non-European Students

A large number of scholarships and financial aid opportunities are available for non-European students, amongst them:

The Emile Boutmy Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded by Sciences Po to first-time applicants from outside the European Economic Area who demonstrate academic excellence and fulfill the profile requirements. This scholarship can take the form of a partial or full tuition fee waiver and in some cases an additional cost of living scholarship.

All about the Emile Boutmy Scholarship.

The Eiffel and Mastercard Foundation Scholarhips

The Eiffel Scholarship is awarded by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to candidates from emerging countries. Other scholarships and financial aid are available for students from outside the European Economic Area, among them the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program, the Campus France Scholarship, and more.

All about scholarships for Non-European students.

Mobility grants

Financial difficulties should never keep students from taking advantage of the experience of studying abroad. Sciences Po and its partners offer international mobility grants for those in need.

Key figures

  • 33%

    are exempt of tuition fees

  • 35%

    of students receive financial aid

  • €11.5 million

    set aside for grants and other financial aid

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