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  • To make a unique educational experience available to the most promising students, regardless of their location or social origins.
  • To cultivate enlightened citizens and responsible professionals capable of bringing about change.
  • To enhance understanding of an increasingly complex world.
  • Supporting Sciences Po means undertaking a mission of social responsibility that extends far beyond the institution itself.

For individuals and alumni

By supporting Sciences Po, you offer new generations the opportunity to take advantage of an educational programme that stands out for its originality and high academic quality.

Your donation to Sciences Po allows you to claim tax benefits.

For companies

By supporting Sciences Po, you contribute to the education of young and promising graduates from diverse backgrounds  

Your support can take the form of a philanthropic gift, a partnership, a sponsorship initiative or payment of the French education tax (fr).

For public institutions

By supporting Sciences Po, you help the university fulfil its mission of providing education and research that serves the general interest.

For more information

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Corporate partnerships
Sophie Salin
+33 1 45 49 55 10

Individual donors
Anne-Sophie Luby
+33 1 45 49 54 72

Foundations and organisations
+33 (0)1 45 49 83 71

Research projects
Catarina Sabbatini Clec'h
+33 (0)1 45 49 55 53

US Sciences Po Foundation
Anne Scattolin
+1 917 744 5685    

Sciences Po Alumni UK Charity Trust
Cécile d’Angelin
+44 77 68 816 645