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Alliances and partnerships: a vast partner network

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Our network of partner universities

Openness to all regions of the world, systematic reciprocity in our partnerships and commitment to our core values are the foundations of Sciences Po’s international policy.

Sciences Po sits at the centre of a vast network of partner universities. With nearly 480 partnership agreements with universities around the world, this network is unique in its diversity, dynamism and distribution across all continents. It forms the linchpin of the internationalism of the Sciences Po experience.

Our partner universities include: the University of California Berkeley and Columbia University (USA), the University of Cambridge and the London School of Economics (UK), Freie Universität Berlin (Germany), Fudan University (China), Keio University (Japan), the University of British Columbia (Canada), the University of Cape Town (South Africa), the University of Ghana (Ghana), the University of São Paulo (Brazil), National University of Singapore (Singapore) and the University of Sydney (Australia).

In an unforgettable element of the Sciences Po curriculum, all students spend their third year of the undergraduate programme, or “3A”, studying in full immersion at a partner university abroad. Graduate students can also take advantage of Sciences Po’s extensive network to complete an optional off-campus semester as part of their Master’s degree or a PhD exchange programme. Some students choose to spend this off-campus semester abroad.

All in all, every year, more than 1,500 Sciences Po students spend a semester to a year studying at one of our partner universities internationally. In parallel, roughly the same number of exchange students study abroad at Sciences Po, on one of our programmes in Paris or on the regional campuses.

Our network of non-academic partners

Sciences Po’s partner network also extends far beyond the academic world.

It includes international organisations, foundations, ministries, embassies, major companies and the media. The international Sciences Po alumni community, together with the Sciences Po American Foundation and the Sciences Po Alumni UK Charity Trust, help run this network worldwide.

The support of these partners enables Sciences Po to pursue an ambitious financial aid policy, to promote mobility among its researchers, to provide careers support to its graduates and to guarantee a steady flow of new programmes for both students and researchers.

Sciences Po also receives support from a community of 90,000 influential alumni based all around the world. Discover the different international branches of Sciences Po Alumni

Key figures

  • 50%

    international students

  • 150

    nationalities represented

  • 480

    partner universities

  • 42

    dual degree programmes

  • 7

    multicultural campuses

  • 21

    foreign languages taught

Exchange program

Students from partner universities can study at one of Sciences Po's seven campuses as part of an exchange programme. They are fully integrated into the student body. Learn more about exchange programmes at Sciences Po