A school for all talents

At Sciences Po, more than 200 associations help students in their personal growth through artistic, athletic and civic activities.

Culture, Athletics and Associations

Attend a public-speaking contest bringing together 600 students in an electrifying atmosphere, have a cup of fair-trade tea in a self-managed cafeteria (FR), listen to Chicago in an amphitheatre (video in French), cheer for your campus's rugby team: at Sciences Po, students' commitment to sports, the arts and student associations adds spice to daily campus life. 

These activities are an integral part of the university's educational model, which emphasises accountability, teamwork, public speaking, civic-mindedness and humanism. Sciences Po encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities in order to foster their personal and academic growth.

Every year, more than 200 student associations enliven Sciences Po's campuses in Dijon, Le Havre, Menton, Nancy, Paris, Poitiers and Reims. To discover and support these organisations, join a student union or develop your own initiative, visit the Student life page

Sports at Sciences Po

And for those looking to develop their talents or learn new skills, every year Sciences Po offers an extensive catalogue of cultural activities and sports classes in collaboration with the Bureau des Arts (FR) and the Sports Association (FR).

  • 200 student associations
  • 2,500 students in athletic classes
  • 800 participants in artistic activities


Sciences Po student

Student life

Extra-curricular activities are an integral part of Sciences Po's educational model. Students are encouraged to achieve their projects, their ideas and their dreams.

Permanent associations at Sciences Po

Permanent associations

Sciences Po's five standing associations contribute to our educational strategy.

Recognised associations

From tutoring to video games, not to mention hitch-hiking: more than 100 recognised associations enliven campus life.