The Civic Learning Programme: Humanism in Practice

At the service of others through civic engagement
  • Civic Learning Programme ©Sciences PoCivic Learning Programme ©Sciences Po

As of this year, Sciences Po requires all of its undergraduate students to take part in and complete the Civic Learning Programme, a compulsory engagement over the three years of the Bachelor’s degree. 

The Civic Learning Programme offers Undergraduate College students the chance to learn and understand citizenship and social responsibility through an experience of engagement out in the field.

Students choose and define their civic engagement during their first year of study in a letter of commitment, drawing upon their personal affinities, coursework, experiences as well as texts on citizenship distributed at the beginning of the academic year. 

A programme that takes place outside the walls of Sciences Po, the civic engagement leads students to meet people from different backgrounds and working in different sectors: education, employment, environment, justice, health, peace, etc...

Students develop, strengthen and work on their project throughout their three-year degree, completeing a one-month field internship during the summer between their first and second year, and continuing to work individually or collectively during the second and third. Finally, they draft a report, which serves as an essential component of the « Grand Ecrit », the final written exam to obtain the Bachelor’s degree.

This service mission has been created in response to a specific educational objective: to train students through action. Through the realisation of this personal project, students acquire autonomy, a sense of public action, an open mind and the ability to work collectively. They also begin to lay the groundwork of their professional orientation thanks to the discovery of a variety of careers and structures.

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