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Le Havre campus

Since 2007, the city of Le Havre has been home to Sciences Po’s campus focusing on the Asia-Pacific region. Housed in a building overlooking the port, within a short distance of student residences and sports facilities, the Le Havre Campus offers students a convenient and picturesque setting for their studies.

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The Asia-Pacific Minor

Inaugural Lecture (credits: Thomas Arrivé / Sciences Po)

In conjunction with the multidisciplinary programme in the social sciences common to the entire Undergraduate College, students are able to focus on the history of the Asia-Pacific region, and its geopolitical, social and economic issues, analysing these comparatively with US and EU politics.

Through this English-language programme, students are introduced to the history, economies, societies and philosophical and artistic approaches of the various countries of Asia and the Pacific, from India to Japan and from China to Australia. The issues addressed (political violence, growth and sustainable development, influence of Confucianism, etc.) allow students to familiarise themselves with Asia—a continent with a multi-millennial history and the economic hub of the future—through the lens of the social sciences and humanities, and in comparison with Europe.

Students can study several of the region’s languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean, as well as taking French as a Foreign Language courses for students who do not have a B1-equivalent level.

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Discover the campus on video

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A unique experience in an international environment

The Le Havre campus accommodates around 300 students, more than 65 percent of whom are from outside France. This cultural diversity makes the first two years on campus an international experience in itself, which is capped off with the third year outside France studying at one of Sciences Po's 480 partner universities or with a dual degree.

Campus life is also kept vibrant by the vast range of clubs and associations on offer and many events throughout the year. Students are able to initiate and take part in debates, conferences, study trips, and sports and cultural events, giving them a strong sense of empowerment. They are also encouraged to get involved in initiatives focused on the local community and citizen engagement.

Thanks to the small class sizes, students on the Le Havre campus enjoy very close attention from the faculty for both their studies and extra-curricular activities.

Front of the Le Havre campus

Campus lobby

Lecture hall

Reading room in the library

Table tennis in the common room

Front of the Le Havre campus

Campus lobby

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    Le Havre, a maritime city with a global outlook

    Le Havre, France - June 9, 2021: The Volcan cultural center and the Oscar Niemeyer public library with the war memorial in the foreground and the bell tower of St. Joseph's Church at nightfall. (credits: olrat / Shutterstock)

    Located in Normandy, just two hours by train from Paris, Le Havre is France's biggest port. It is historically linked to Asia as the entry point for Asian products arriving in France.

    As well as being the birthplace of Impressionism, Le Havre is a site of exceptional urban and architectural interest thanks to the reconstruction of the city centre by Auguste Perret after WWII. This heritage has been included on UNESCO's World Heritage List since 2005.

    The city of Le Havre has a vibrant cultural and sports scene for its 11,000 students to enjoy. Le Volcan national theatre (FR), the modern art museum (MuMa), the natural history musem (FR), the Oscar Niemeyer library (FR), concert venue Le Tétris (FR), the Océane stadium and the seaside offer boundless opportunities for entertainment and cultural discovery.

    Located at the entrance to the port, the Le Havre campus stands out for its all-glass architecture and the lightvessel moored directly opposite. All facilities (student residences, sports facilities, etc.) are nearby, offering students an ideal study environment.

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