Undergraduate Admissions for applicants from foreign secondary schools

Last Update: 
2 May 2023

Please note

The 2022-23 admissions are closed. Admissions for the 2024 intake open next November. 


As part of our unified admissions procedure for all first-year applicants to the Undergraduate College, the international admissions pathway is designed for all candidates from foreign (non-French) secondary schools.

Please note: It is the candidate’s diploma and not his or her nationality that determines the pathway.

  • All candidates who are currently enrolled in a foreign high school (non-French) and prepare both a foreign and a French diploma (Abibac, Esabac or Bachibac) are eligible to the international pathway. 

  • All candidates who are currently enrolled in a French high school and prepare both a French and a foreign diploma (Abibac, esabac or bachibac), are not eligible through the international admissions pathway and must apply through the Parcoursup admissions pathway

Find out more about the eligibility criteria for the unified undergraduate admissions procedure.

The Undergraduate College’s unified admissions procedure is made up of four evaluations, each of which is marked out of 20. These evaluations are the same for all Sciences Po undergraduate applicants:

Applicants must create and submit an application via the Sciences Po admissions website, adhering to deadlines outlined in the admissions calendar.

Candidates applying through this admissions pathway may apply to two programmes offered at the Undergraduate College, including dual degree programmes.

Admissions Calendar

Admissions for the 2023 intake

International admissions are open on a rolling basis from the start of the admissions period to the end of April 2023.

  • Opening of the admissions period: mid-November 2022
  • Final date to submit applications: 26 April 2023
  • Interviews: from mid-January to mid-June 2023, depending on the date the application is submitted
  • Admission results: the date you receive your admission result depends on the date you submit your completed application (including academic references).
  • You will hear whether you have been accepted:
    • around 6 February 2023 if you submit your application before 14 December 2022
    • around 13 March 2023 if you submit your application before 25 January 2023
    • around 10 April 2023 if you submit before 22 February 2023
    • around 8 May 2023 if you submit before 22 March 2023
    • around 19 June 2023 if you submit before 26 April 2023
  • Deadline for applying for the Émile Boutmy Scholarship: 22 February 2023. If you are eligible to apply, it is essential that you select the scholarship directly in your online application file and that you meet the specific deadline specified above. No scholarship applications will be accepted after submission of your Sciences Po application. 

Please note:

  • Interviews and application deadlines are specific for each dual degree programmes. Please check the dedicated webpages ;
  • Deadlines always refer to Paris time (23:59)

Before Applying

Review the eligibility criteria

The main criteria to determine which pathway you should apply is the nationality of your diploma. You are eligible to apply through the international admissions pathway on the Sciences Po admission website if you are currently preparing a foreign diploma of secondary education (first session) in a non-French secondary school. Example of diplomas: International Baccalaureate diploma, A-levels, Abitur, Maturité suisse…

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Applicants must complete each of the following steps.

Once you have applied

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