Observatories differ from other activities at CERI because of the plurality of their missions: research, expertise, news watch and analysis, events, dissemination of knowledge toward multiple audiences, from closed circles of specialists to large audiences.

Latin American and Caribbean Observatory (OPALC)
OPALC gathers lecturers, researchres and students from Sciences Po and partner institutions who specialize on the region. The observatory is part of CERI for all its scientific activities (research seminars and the annual publication, LAPO) and it acts independently for its other missions.

The International Observatory of Religions 
Launched in 2016, financed by the Ministry of Armed Forces, and managed jointly by the CERI and the Groupe Sociétés, Religions, Laïcités (Research Group on Societies, Religions, and Secularisms) (GSRL/EPHE), this observatory completed the first phase of its work at the end of 2019. It has produced more than thirty monthly bulletins. The second phase was initiated in September 2021 and will last 4 years.
All the Observatory’s productions, old and new, are now available on a dedicated site, accessible here 

The Strategic Observatory of Latin America
Co-directed by Olivier Dabène and Gaspard Estrada, the Observatory focuses on three main issues: the Sino-American strategic rivalry, as well as the actions of other powers in Latin America (Russia, Turkey, Iran); the security tensions at work in the region and the facts generating vulnerabilities; the place of Latin America in the major international balances.


Chair for the Study of Religion
This Chair is the first initiative of its kind in the French academic landscape. Its mission is to bring together researchers working on religion; to consolidate and develop the courses that Sciences Po offers on this theme; to participate in public and scholarly debate; and to support the emerging generation of researchers.


Previous observatories are listed here

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