The Concept of the Indo Pacific in the Geostrategic Discourse

By David Camroux and Christophe Jaffrelot

The Indo PacificIn order to create a collective space for discussion and thinking on the Indo-Pacific, CERI and GIGA, two long-term European partners, have set up a joint research group, the Franco-German Observatory of the Indo-Pacific. This group is intended to be a hub for research, one at the intersection of international relations and area studies.

The concept of the Indo-Pacific is today structuring the geostrategic discourse, not only of many countries in the region (starting with Japan and Australia its original birthplace), but also of several Western countries. The United States has already changed the title of the United States Pacific Command into United States Indo-Pacific Command. In the European Union, France was one of the first member states to make the Indo-Pacific one of its geopolitical priorities, as shown by Emmanuel Macron's speech on 2 May 2018 at Garden Island (Sydney). Since then, Germany has formulated its own vision for the zone in October 2020, followed shortly afterwards by the Netherlands. The UK needs to be added to this list, because it is also seeking to turn to Asia, notably to cushion the consequences of Brexit. (...)


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