Fariba Adelkhah, Or the One Thousand And One Borders of Anthropological Fieldwork

March 2021. Our colleague Fariba Adelkhah was arrested in Iran more than 600 days ago. In collaboration with the Support Committee, Cirtique Internationale pays tribute to Fariba's work, courage and engagement. A text by Béatrice Hibou.

Fariba Adelkhah At a time where field work in “high risk” or “difficult” countries is complicated by “security issues”; where the transformations of the principles of research evaluation make it more costly to conduct fieldwork that requires long-term immersion; where disciplinary purity, thematic hyper-specialisation, and methodological orthodoxy disparage and hinder the pluri-disciplinarity and innovation in research that are so fundamental in understanding change and new situations, the publishing of these four articles is also of significant scientific importance. It is for all of these reasons that rather than focusing on her career trajectory, this introduction will focus on Fariba Adelkhah’s scientific approach and her fieldwork practices in all their specificity and originality.


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