Fields of Research

Five major fields of research guide CERI’s scientific development and federate its activities. These broad fields encompass all research currently being conduced by CERI scholars, across their academic disciplines (political science, sociology, anthropology, history, law, geography and economics) and the various approaches to the study of world politics (international/transnational relations, area studies and comparative politics) represented within the center. Every CERI faculty member choses to associate with a field he or she considers the closest to their research interests; some scholars identify with one major and one secondary field of research. A tandem of co-leaders heads each field of research.

Field: 5 - Identity and politics

Lead by: Daniel Sabbagh and Laurent Bonnefoy

Primary members: Bayram Balci, Richard Banégas, Laurent Bonnefoy, Antonela Capelle-Pogacean, Alain Dieckhoff, Juliette Galonnier, Riva Kastoryano, Denis Lacorne, Stéphane Lacroix, Nadia Marzouki, Catherine Perron, Karoline Postel-Vinay, Nadège Ragaru, David Recondo, Kathy Rousselet, Daniel Sabbagh, Astrid von Busekist

Secondary members: Fariba Adelkhah, Jean-Philippe Béjà, Romain Bertrand, Jean-Pierre Filiu, Christophe Jaffrelot, Laurence Louër, Jacques Rupnik, Jacques Semelin, Catherine Wihtol de Wenden  

This field gathers researchers interested in the formation and expression of diverse collective identities (national, cultural, ethnic, religious, diasporic, “racial”...) that come into play in the political sphere, in the broad sense. They generally adopt a constructivist perspective and use various methods (ethnography, qualitative interviews, archive, quantitative methods, etc) in a wide variety of fields. This research axis is divided into four main themes:

  • Identity assignments and institutionalisation
  • Determining factors, modes and limits of the politicization of religion
  • Historicity, forms and paradoxes of “multiculturalism
  • Politics of memory
Research projects:

- The social and political "life" of identity documents in Africa

- Globalisation of the race, Europe/Americas, 20th and 21st centuries

- Lieux de culte partagés dans le sous-continent indien : interactions religieuses et rapport à l'Autre

- The Chinese in France: transforming identifications and identities

- Contextualizing radicalization: the politics of violent extremism (INR "RADEX")

- Research group on Antidiscriminatory policies

The dynamics and competition between Sufis, Sunnis, and Shi'is in India: salafism, sectarianism and the resilience of Dargah culture

- Diasporic identities: Southeast Asian incorporation experiences in Europe and America - the post-refugee generation

Political representation in India: the Indian legislators project

- The International Observatory of Religions

- Shiite connections across Western Asia and the Middle East: the circulation routes of Ayatollah Mohammad Hachem Salehi

- Populism in America and the Middle East: ethical and religious dimensions

Life history and mémographie: encountering socio-religious change in Northwest Africa 

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