Fields of Research

Five major fields of research guide CERI’s scientific development and federate its activities. These broad fields encompass all research currently being conduced by CERI scholars, across their academic disciplines (political science, sociology, anthropology, history, law, geography and economics) and the various approaches to the study of world politics (international/transnational relations, area studies and comparative politics) represented within the center. Every CERI faculty member choses to associate with a field he or she considers the closest to their research interests; some scholars identify with one major and one secondary field of research. A tandem of co-leaders heads each field of research.

Field: 2 - Political participation and mobilization

Lead by: Sandrine Perrot and Hélène Combes

Primary members: Jean-Philippe Béjà, Hélène Combes, Olivier Dabène, Stéphanie Latte, Marc Lazar, Sandrine Perrot, Jacques Rupnik

Secondary members: Claire Andrieu, Richard Banégas, Samy Cohen, Laurent Gayer, Riva Kastoryano, Denis Lacorne, Stéphane Lacroix, Hélène Le Bail, Elise Massicard, David Recondo, Jean-Louis Rocca, Kathy Rousselet  

This field gathers CERI researchers interested in “classical” debates on political participation (vote, activism, mobilization) while putting them to the test of new fields, far from the comfort zone of Western countries. This new perspective allows for a questioning of the classical debates and themes and refuses a normative vision of what should be the legitimate forms of political and social participation, preferring an empirical perspective and the analysis of practices. The projects included in this Field join in their will to develop comparative studies, both in time and space. In return, they provincialize theoretical systems or apparatus that have been built based on European or North American cases, often showing their singularities.

The activities corresponding to this Field are organized around two main themes of research:

  • Mobilizations in the public space
  • Revisiting the Act of Voting
Research projects:

- Political Participation of Asian Migrants and their Descendants in France (PolAsia 2020-2023)

Street corner democracy. Cultural intervention in Latin America's urban public spaces

Street art and democracy in Latin America 

- Governance and citizens' participation in the Andine region  

- East Africa Observatory 

- Social Innovation in times of conflict. Economic and citizen alternatives in the Middle East

Research groups :

- The new demagogues

- Pluridisciplinary research group on contemporary Italy (GREPIC)

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