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Application and enrolment for the Pre-College Programmes

2024 Summer School applications

Admissions for the 2024 Pre-College Programmes are now open! Applications may be submitted via the Summer School's online application platform.

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Application overview

Applying to the Pre-College Programmes requires the successful completion of a selective application process. More information on the application process and required documents is available on our How to Apply page. 

Application processing fee

A non-refundable 50 € application fee is required upon submission of the application. Payment can only be made by credit card on the application platform.

Registration process

Please note that an offer of admission does not guarantee a place in the programme. Students must confirm their participation by reserving their spot in the programme. 



In order to reserve your spot in the programme, please complete the following steps within two weeks of receiving the acceptance email.

Connect to Sciences Po's registration platform.

  • Fill out the legal guardian contact details
  • Upload a copy of the legal guardian's proof of identity and the signed Acceptance Form (PDF, 124 KB)
  • Proceed to the payment of the 870 € deposit by credit card or bank transfer
  • Confirm your choice of elective course to secure your spot in the class. Enrolment in the elective course is made on a first come first served basis once the deposit has been paid. If both of your initial choices are no longer open for registration, please select one among the remaining available elective courses

The Summer School team will review your documents and answers and will allow you to start the second step of registration once the first step is complete.


Connect to Sciences Po's registration platform.

  • Provide medical information including emergency contact details, medical and dietary information, record of immunisations 
  • Upload proof of health insurance, a copy of vaccination records and the Practical Information Form (PDF, 98 KB)
  • Provide travel information and select arrival and departure conditions. For more information on arrival and departure, please consult the Prepare your arrival page
  • Pay the remaining balance (5000 €) by credit card or bank transfer. For information on refunds, please consult the Pre-College Programme Refund Policy (PDF, 75 KB)

For more information on the Registration process for the residential programme, please consult the Registration Guidelines (PDF, 195 KB).


In order to reserve your spot in one of the online programmes, please complete the following steps within two weeks of receiving the acceptance email.

Connect to Sciences Po's registration platform.

Participants can only secure their spot in the programme once their registration is complete. The number of spots in the programme is limited and we strongly encourage students to register as soon as possible. If your registration is not complete in time, your spot in the programme will be forfeited.

Application and Registration Deadlines


  • Application deadline (step 1): March 27th, 2024
  • Registration deadline (step2): May 2nd, 2024


  • Application deadline: May 2nd, 2024
  • Payment deadline: May 16th, 2024

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