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Online programme: Two Negotiation Bootcamps

Sustainable Development Ecology Concept (credits: Shutterstock)

Building on the success of the previous World Climate Negotiations Bootcamps, the Summer School will once again offer high school students the opportunity to participate in an online course allowing them to develop their negotiation skills, and to delve into the practical implications of negotiations in one of two key contemporary international issues of their choice. 

In 2024, the Summer School will offer two online negotiation bootcamps, tackling issues surrounding climate change and artificial intelligence.

During these two-week negotiations bootcamps, students will learn about international relations theories through role-playing exercises that include interactive rounds of negotiation. They will gain hands-on experience of diplomatic practices, and tackle some of today’s most pressing issues with other keen students from across continents and even time zones.

The online simulation courses are ideal for students who are passionate about pressing international issues, while also curious to learn more about international relations and diplomacy.


World Climate Negotiations Bootcamp: June 17th – June 27th, 2024

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of New Technologies Bootcamp: June 17th – June 27th, 2024

Students can choose to participate in one of two bootcamps. 

Academic programme

The academic programme includes 22 contact hours in total, spread over two weeks. 

The bootcamps will allow students to gain an understanding of global issues, diplomacy and multilateralism through both a theoretical and practical approach. Students will be able to experience academics at Sciences Po through classes that are led by Sciences Po professors and that are taught entirely in English.

During several rounds of negotiations, students will have the opportunity to defend a position as they represent a delegation that is involved in international summits. 

They will then analyse the negotiation rounds through the lens of international relations theories. Theoretical insights shared by their professors and collective discussions among students will enable them to put their practical experience into perspective.

Students in the World Climate Negotiations Bootcamp will focus on fundamental environmental challenges such as greenhouse gas emissions, forestry and land use, and climate finance. 

Download the Course Overview for the World Climate Negotiations Bootcamp (PDF, 119 KB).

Download the Course Syllabus for the World Climate Negotiations Bootcmap (PDF, 169 KB). 

Students in the Challenges of Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp will delve into the topical discussions surrounding AI’s use and issues regarding ethics, governance limitations and international regulation.

Download the Course Overview for the AI and the Future of New Technologies Bootcamp (PDF, 204 KB).

Download the Course Syllabus for the AI and the Future of New Technologies Bootcamp (PDF, 158 KB). 


Classes will be held in a live, synchronous format to allow for maximum interaction among students and their professors. A certificate of participation will be awarded to students who complete an online session and fulfil the Pre-College Programme Academic Rules and Regulations - Online Session (PDF, 153 KB)

The programme schedule is designed to accommodate various time zones so that students can participate from around the world.

Download the provisional schedule for the Climate Session (PDF, 151 KB).

Download the provisional schedule for the New Technologies Session (PDF, 151 KB).


The Pre-College online programme is open to students currently enrolled in secondary school, and who will still be enrolled in secondary school in Fall 2024. Learn more about eligibility criteria.

How to apply

The final deadline to apply for a 2024 Pre-College Online Session is May 2nd, 2024.

Applying to the Pre-College Programme requires the successful completion of a selective application process; candidates must submit an online application, which will be reviewed by an admissions jury. 

Learn more about the application process.


  • Programme fees: 2000 €
  • Application fees: 50 € 

Payment of the application fee is strictly non-refundable and can only be paid by credit card on the application platform. 

Download the 2024 Pre-College Programmes Refund and Withdrawal Policy (PDF, 160 KB).

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