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Preparing your arrival at the Pre-College Programme

Arrival and Departure

Participants are responsible for organizing and reserving their transportation to and from Paris.

Arrival options

On the first day of the residential session, students may join the programme through one of the following options:

  • Airport pick-up: Students who have a flight or train to Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, arriving between 7:00 am and 2:00 pm, will be welcomed by the Summer School team at the airport. Before purchasing their tickets, participants are kindly invited to share their travel plans with the Summer School team for validation.
  • Meeting point in Paris: A specific meeting point will be provided for students arriving independently in Paris.
  • Meeting point in Reims: A specific meeting point will be provided for students arriving independently in Reims.

Departure options

On the last day of the programme, participants may leave directly from the residence or be accompanied to the Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport by the Summer School team for flights departing between 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

The Summer School team is only able to organise arrivals and departures on the designated days for each session.


Check the visa requirements for your particular country for a short-term stay in France. Students from some countries are able to attend the Summer School as tourists and as such do not need a visa, while others may be required to obtain a short-term student visa. Please note that the timing to obtain a visa may take longer in some countries, so be sure to apply early. 

Upon receipt of your tuition payment, your Summer School admission letter may be used in your visa application as your proof of study and accommodation for your stay in France. Please refer to the individual country regulations on your local French consulate website or on the France Diplomatie website.

Please note that you need to provide proof of parental authorisation to participate in the programme as part of a visa application. You may use the signed 2024 Acceptance Form (PDF, 265) required for your registration in the programme.

Medical matters

In accordance with French regulations regarding programmes for minors, the Summer School team is responsible for administering medical care for participants. As part of the registration process, parents/guardians are required to fill out a medical form providing the student’s medical information. Any health-related changes unspecified on the medical form must be communicated to the Summer School team prior to the start of the programme. Please note that the following medical regulations apply during the Pre-College Programme:

Health Insurance

Foreign nationals staying less than three months in France are not eligible for French health insurance. To register, participants must subscribe to a comprehensive health insurance policy for the duration of your stay, covering any expenses that might arise in connection with:

  • Medical care
  • Repatriation to home country for medical reasons
  • Emergency hospital treatment

Most travel insurance plans provide this kind of comprehensive coverage. For participants residing in France, a certificate of affiliation to the French social security system is sufficient.

Medical treatment

In accordance with French regulations, all medications taken to the programme must be in their original package with a recent prescription, labelled with the full name of the student. The Summer School’s medical assistant is the person responsible for storing students’ medications in the infirmary and providing assistance, but students are still expected to be responsible for their own administration, unless otherwise requested.


Student’s medical information is strictly confidential and is only communicated to the Summer School’s medical assistant and counsellors.

For more information about health and safety conditions during the programme, please consult the section 4 of the 2024 Programme Regulations (PDF, 256 KB)


Before the start of the programme, participants receive an information booklet containing useful information about the programme, including a packing list. In the meantime, more information on accommodation, meals and activities is available on our Life outside the classroom page.

Staying in touch

The Summer School team provides regular communication regarding your arrival, orientation, and preparation for courses. Programme information is sent via email to the student and their guardian, using the email addresses used on the registration platform. Please maintain these email addresses active throughout the programme.

During the programme, weekly informational newsletters are sent to guardians, giving an overview of the activities of the past few days. For regular issues, guardians are able to communicate with the Summer School team by email. For urgent matters, guardians will have the Programme Manager's emergency phone number.

We encourage students to subscribe to an international calling plan while in France, in order to be easily reachable, including by the Summer School team if needed.

Prospective students

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