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Testimonials from Pre-College Students

Students from the 2018 Pre-College Programme (credits: Caroline Fauvel)

"To be able to interact with a diverse body of individuals has been one of the biggest highlights of my experience at Sciences Po. It is rare to be surrounded by so much culture, energy, and passion in one environment." - Isabelle, USA

A multicultural environment

With participants coming from many different countries, the Pre-College Programme is truly an international experience. Students will have the opportunity to interact with and learn from classmates from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

Read on to hear more about what our students had to say about their Summer School experience.

Marc, 16 years old, Spain

On what he gained at the Summer School

"Looking back at these two weeks gives me an intense feeling of nostalgia. I gained friends, knowledge and many, many memories. I gained a whole experience that, frankly, can’t compare to anything that came before."

Cindy, 16 years old, Canada

On the academic programme

"My highlight was definitely the master classes. The professors were not only knowledgeable but also incredibly kind, and the themes of the classes were closely tied to current events. I continue to draw on the knowledge I gained from these classes in my academic and personal life, and wish to pursue these subjects further in university."

Asma, 17 years old, Tunisia

On the atmosphere at the Summer School

"If I had to sum up my experience at Sciences Po in one word, without any hesitations, I would choose "sharing". Be it with students, counselors or the Summer School team, the whole experience relied on sharing, from the beginning to the end."

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Anan Sofia, 17 years old, USA

On her French language class

"My French language class was extremely useful to an international unfamiliar with the French system. The teacher was amazing, super interesting, and knew how to keep us interested. Thumbs up!"

Mingxi, 17 years old, ChinaHINA

On his interaction with other students

"The best experience I had during the Summer School is the opportunity of exchanging opinions and ideas about almost anything with classmates and to get to know people living in other parts of the world. Gladly, the Sciences Po Summer School provides this kind of chance. Frankly, I really enjoyed it."

Jean, 17 years old, France-Lebanon

Words to share with prospective students 

"Whether you are sure that Sciences Po is the ideal institution for you or not, the Summer School is a unique opportunity for you to concretely make your own opinion, discover great individuals from all around the globe and explore very interesting university-level courses. I am sure that the Summer School will trigger in you many interests that you did not know about and that you will leave from the Pre-College Program even more passionate than you were before applying."

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