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The academic tracks of the university programme


The University Programme offers two academic tracks during the June session (June 5th – June 29th, 2023) and the July session (July 3rd – July 28th, 2023):

  • Social Sciences track
  • French Language track

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Summer School

Students can attend one track per session. Summer School participants can choose to attend both summer sessions in the Social Sciences track or the French Language track. Additionally, students may choose to add an elective course on top of their core social sciences or French language course.

Social Sciences Track

Students in the social sciences track select one core course of intensive study from Sciences Po’s fundamental disciplines, such as international relations, political science, economics, history, and more. Classes are led by Sciences Po professors and taught in English.

Find more information about the social sciences track and course list.

French Language Track

Students take a variety of classes at one of six levels adapted to their knowledge of French, from complete beginner to advanced. At all levels, language study accounts for the majority of class time, reinforced by oral and written expression workshops and tutorials.

Find more information about the French language track and course list.

Elective Courses and Workshops

In addition to their core studies in the social sciences or French language track, students may choose to take an optional elective course. Students in the social sciences track can also take a workshop to develop their professional and academic skills.

Find more information about elective courses and workshops.


Sciences Po awards academic credit for courses taken during the Summer School.

Find more information on credit and certification.


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