Master's Degree

Conditions for obtaining the Sciences Po Master's Degree

In order to gain a Master’s degree from Sciences Po, students must meet the following conditions:

  • Be enrolled in a Master’s programme for at least four semesters
  • Fulfil all academic requirements
  • Complete two core curriculum courses
  • Complete an economics course
  • Complete all specialised courses required by the Master’s programme in which they are enrolled
  • Complete a semester off campus, an internship for apprenticeship students or a research thesis
  • Attain English proficiency equivalent to at least C1 within the Common European Framework of Reference
  • Complete the Grand Oral examination
  • Obtain at least 120 ECTS credits.

Should a student fail to meet any of the requirements for the Master’s degree, he or she must register for an additional semester.

how to update your conditional status

The status of "conditional graduate" refers to various degree requirements that still require validation. To update your status, please complete the following, according to your situation:


Graduation certificate

If you are:

  • a graduate student confirmed by the session of the jury: as our institution is engaged in a de-materialization process, your graduation certificate will be available to download at the beginning of July via a link to a secure platform, which will be sent to your Sciences Po email account.
  • a student with conditional status (such as English language "C1" certification; confirmation of internship ; dual degree or study stay validation; completion of your administrative situation): your graduation certificate can be issued on request on line.
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