Language tutorials

We offer you the following language tutorials which will complement your weekly language lecture and will be available in French, English, German, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.

A tutorial lasts 20 minutes. The tutorial is based on a one-on-one interview and is free of charge.

You need to register for a tutorial for specific dates. Your only obligation is to attend the tutorial if you have registered or to inform us beforehand if you decide not to come. If you do not wish to be enrolled occasionally but on a weekly basis, your registration must be renewed after three sessions.

The tutorial is not a course, but provides help on one or more specific linguistic points or to prepare for an exam. Please note that the tutorials do not generate ECTS credits.


As a rule, language tutorials can be held at Sciences Po. It is mandatory to make an appointment for all tutorials. If you cannot go to the campus due to the pandemic, you will be able to specify on the Google form that the tutorial session(s) must be held by Zoom.

To request an appointment: please fill in the following Google Form (You have to use your Sciences Po email address and password to login).

For any additional information, please email at


Consult the timetables for Language tutorials.

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