Registration Process for the French Social Security System

In order to qualify for reimbursements of your medical expenses during the academic year, you must be affiliated to the general French social security system.

If you have already been affiliated to the French social security system in the past, or if you were born in France, you need to contact the CPAM by phone at 3646 or go directly to your local CPAM branch, in order to get information on how to recover your social security number and create an account on the platform

All new registrations are submitted online via a dedicated website available in French, English and Spanish:

1 - Create your account on the website

You must register with a French postal address.

2 - Upload the required documents

  • Passport;
  • Student visa;
  • Certificate of enrolment in education.

3 - Download your provisional certificate of affiliation to the french social security system

You will immediatly be eligible for reimbursement of your medical costs by the French healthcare system.

The provisional certificate of affiliation will enable you to finalise your Sciences Po administrative registration online.

4 - Finalise your registration by uploading the remaining documents

  • Long copy of your birth certificate or a standard birth certificate with your parents’ names;
  • Residency permit or visa validation certificate;
  • IBAN number (French bank account number).

5 - Receive your official certificate of affiliation to the french social security system

After receiving your official certificate of affiliation, your account on the etudiant-étranger website will be closed and your details transferred to your local CPAM branch.

6 - Order your Carte Vitale

Create an account on (FR): your account login details will be sent to you in the post. Order your Carte Vitale health insurance card and manage your reimbursements online.

Have a query relating to your circumstances?

The staff of our Student Services are available to provide advice and assistance in all administrative procedures.

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