Orientation programme on the Paris Campus

First-year students at the Undergraduate College

Orientation Week for first-year students on the Paris campus runs from Monday 26th August to Saturday 31st August 2019 inclusive. It includes several meetings with Sciences Po staff, classes and information sessions. Attendance is compulsory. You will receive your individual orientation week schedule from mid-July.

Start of the Programme

  • Beginning of orientation week: presentation of the curriculum and programme requirements, Monday, 26th August at 27, rue Saint Guillaume (lecture theatre specified on the schedule).
  • Welcome Ceremony: Wednesday, 28th August 2019.


The orientation week courses focus on basic public-speaking techniques. You will be required to give presentations and participate in debates throughout your studies at Sciences Po, so you need to be prepared.

Public-speaking seminar (8H)

This seminar covers basic public-speaking techniques:

  • Introduction to physical and expressive techniques (controlling stress, posture, breathing, voice, style) that will help you speak in front of an audience in a calm, convincing and controlled manner, and lay the foundations for a personal technique. During the seminar, you will get to practice speaking in front of an audience and in a debate situation.
  • Throughout the week, you will apply what you've learned in the seminar and in historical “onsite presentations”. At the end of the week, you will take part in debates in front of about hundred students (2 hours).

Onsite presentations (6H)

The second module is focused on onsite presentations in Paris.

  • Groups of students take a tour of Paris with a Sciences Po lecturer who presents certain aspects of the city. They then prepare a presentation in pairs.
  • Several days later, the students go to the identified sites with their lecturer and give their 15-minute presentation in pairs.


You will be invited to evaluate the orientation week in the weeks that follow. This feedback is passed on to each lecturer, as well as helping the Sciences Po management team to improve the quality of the modules.

Attendance and Requirements

  • Attendance throughout the week is compulsory. Students must be punctual.
  • The exercises should allow you to analyse your strengths and weaknesses more closely and gain skills that will be useful for your degree programme. They should facilitate your self-evaluation, but the quality of the presentations and debates is not assessed.
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