Lætitia Craig de Surville Prize

The aim of the Lætitia Craig de Surville prize is to mentor one to three Sciences Po students who will be spending their third year abroad in a partner university in South East Asia.

Lætitia Craig de Surville (Eco-Fi 1988) travelled to China not long after graduating from Sciences Po, a journey that stayed in her memory.

Today and in her memory, her family and friends, some of whom are former Sciences Po students, have created the Lætitia Craig de Surville prize. The prize provides students with not only financial support but also, if they wish, help in their search for an internship and employment.

The prize is awarded to students capable of demonstrating curiosity, international openness, generosity and enthusiasm, values embodied by Lætitia Craig de Surville.

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Who can apply?

Students studying in a partner university in South East Asia (China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam) as part of their third year abroad.

How much is the prize?

The prize aims to provide students with financial help during their study abroad year in South East Asia amounting to 5000 € per prize winner.

It is not possible for students to accumulate the Lætitia Craig de Surville prize with a Sciences Po international student mobility grant (outside Europe).

How are students selected?

Lætitia Craig de Surville's family and friends wish to support one to three students whose personal situations justify awarding financial aid studying in a partner university in South East Asia for third year abroad.

Sciences Po's bursaries and financial aid office will pre-select applications on the basis of the student's individual financial situation. A maximum of six applications will be selected and successful students will be interviewed in front of a jury. The jury is composed of Lætitia Craig de Surville's family members and friends as well as Sciences Po staff. The jury will award the prize to one to three students who are able to explain their motivation and interest in studying in South East Asia.

How to apply?

Students intending to apply for this prize must complete the student international mobility grant application (outside Europe) and include a motivational letter and CV with their application.

Students are expected to indicate that they wish to apply for the Lætitia Craig de Surville prize and explain their reasons for wanting to study in a South East Asian partner university in their letter.

Important dates

  • Deadline for applications: Tuesday 28th April 2020
  • Pre-selection of application: Wednesday 6th May 2020
  • Interview in front of a jury: Thursday 14th May 2020
  • Prize ceremony lunch: Date to be confirmed

For more information

Laetitia Craig de Surville prize public Facebook page

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