Eiffel Scholarship

Submission deadline for a Sciences Po application including the required documentation for the Eiffel Scholarship  October 31st, 2021 for new candidates at Sciences Po.

Sciences Po only presents applications from candidates with profiles that match the priorities of the Eiffel scholarship. If you are offered a place to study at Sciences Po, we will inform you whether your application will be proposed to Campus France (the organisation in charge of this scholarship).

Applications received from students currently studying abroad are prioritised over those from students already living in France.

Students cannot apply directly for the Eiffel Scholarship. Applications must be made through a higher education institution.  If you are studying in two higher education institutions, you can only submit a single application. In order to apply, you must have already been accepted to a programme at Sciences Po. For your application to be successful, it is essential that you respect our deadlines.
The Eiffel scholarship programme, launched in January 1999 by the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, is aimed at foreign students whose outstanding ability has been recognised by French institutions of higher education who wish to sponsor these students for the rest of their studies.
The programme is primarily designed to provide an education in France to future decision makers in both the private sector and in the national administrations of emerging countries.


Are eligible to the Master Eiffel Scholarship

Candidates must be under 25 years old (born after March 1996).

Sciences Po candidates

  • Applicants for our graduate programmes
  • Applicants for the dual degree in Journalism / Columbia (BAMA) (who are already first year students at Columbia’s university School of Journalism)

Not eligible to the Master Eiffel Scholarship

  • Students already registered at Sciences Po for a Master as well as at the Undergraduate College
  • Students who already received a grant or scholarship from the French government
  • Students who have previously applied for an Eiffel scholarship and who have been unsuccessful, even if they change their field of studies.
  • Candidates for the 1year Master's programmes
  • Students admitted to a Sciences Po dual degree programme

Amount awarded

The Eiffel Scholarship does not cover tuition fees.  Students offered a place to study at Sciences Po who receive the scholarship are therefore responsible for paying the annual tuition fees.

The monthly grant amount for Master programmes in 2022 is € 1,181, with additional benefits provided (international transport assistance, national transport assistance, insurance, housing search assistance, cultural activities.

The Eiffel scholarship consists of a monthly allowance of €1,181 (a maintenance allowance of €1,031 plus a stipend of €150). In addition, the Eiffel scholarship provides other direct benefits. Eiffel Program Guidelines (PDF, 270 Ko).

Length of the scholarship

The Eiffel Scholarship is awarded for the length of time needed to complete the course for which students have applied.  This is subject to students fulfilling the academic obligations during each year of the course.


Reminder: Students cannot apply directly for the Eiffel Scholarship. Applications must be made through a higher education institution.  If you are studying in two higher education institutions, you can only submit a single application.

First time applicants who wish to be presented for the Eiffel scholarship by Sciences Po must indicate so in the "Financial Information" section of their Sciences Po application form and must provide the required documents. Please note that your scholarship request will be taken into account only in case of admission.

Sciences Po will select the applications that it wishes to present to Campus France. Please note that applying for the Eiffel grant does not guarantee the presentation of your application to Campus France.

NB : We reserve the right not to consider incomplete applications.

Required documents

After admission, if shortlisted to be presented to the Eiffel committee, you will be asked to provide additional documents. The shortlisted candidates will be contacted by email for this in early December.

  • CV, including information on the applicant's level (distinction/honours, ranking or position in the promotion, number of students in the promotion, diploma with information on specialisation, date of the diploma, final grades). If your university does not provide ranking please mention the following information: No rank available.
  • professional project, one or two pages. The applicant must explain the reasons for studying in France as opposed to their home country, their interest for the selected programme and how this will help them achieve their career goals and objectives.
  • academic transcripts all of the years of higher education (including periods spent abroad on exchange programmes)
  • ID/passport.
  • Language test certificates (french and/or english) if necessary


  • First time applicants: October 31st, 2021

The deadline for applications set by Sciences Po is not the date at which applications must be received by Campus France. Indeed, it is necessary to have been offered a place at Sciences Po in order to be eligible for the Eiffel Scholarship. Applications received after this date will not be processed. These dates are mandatory and cannot be modified.

Information on the selection of your application will be communicated in January 2021.

Eiffel scholarship results will be published on Campus France's website : week of 4 April, 2022.

For any further information: eiffel.scholarship@sciencespo.fr.


Campus France - Programme Eiffel, 28 rue de la Grange-aux-Belles, 75010 Paris

You can reach Campus France by filling the contact form.

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