Scholarships and financial aid

To ensure that all students admitted to Sciences Po successfully complete their studies, Sciences Po has substantially reinforced its social aid policy.

This policy is defined in consultation with faculty and student representatives who sit on the Joint Commission and the Board of Management. A progress report is submitted each year to these two bodies.

A monitoring group, consisting of professors, students and experts, meets regularly to evaluate the social aid scheme and suggest new guidelines.

French Students ©Abdulloh Jehyapar / Shtuterstock

French Students

CROUS bursary holder students can benefit from an additional cost of living bursary.

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European Students

European Students

Scholarships and financial aid for students from European Union, European Economic Area country (EEA) or Swiss confederation.

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Non-European Students ©Andrei Minsk / Shtuterstock

Non-European Students

Scholarships and financial aid for students from outside the European Economic Area.

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Mobility Grants ©Design lover / Shtuterstock

Mobility Grants

All student mobility grants are awarded on the basis of family income.

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