Graduate studies: How to apply

Several admissions procedures for a greater diversity of profiles

Sciences Po offers different types of admission in order to build a community of students from all horizons. This multicultural experience is highly sought after by recruiters.

Which procedure is right for me?

When can I submit an application?

Admissions open every year mid-October. Applicants are selected for admission following the evaluation of their online application. Admissions decisions are taken throughout the year. As a result, the earlier the application is submitted, the sooner the decision will be reached.

Be aware that dual-degree programmes and grant applications have their own calendars! Make sure to check the dates. Learn more about the dual-degree calendar and the grant calendar.


What kinds of qualities does Sciences Po look for in an international applicant?

Sciences Po recruits applicants who excel academically and beyond. We want our Master’s degree students to share our educational vision, and our commitment to scholarship and research. We therefore seek out curious and open-minded individuals, committed and responsible students. An enthusiasm for Sciences Po’s intellectual project, and the ability to present clear and relevant academic and professional goals, are essential. For more information, refer to our international admissions procedure.

Do you have a vocation in teaching and research? Discover the procedure for enrolling in doctoral studies.


PhD Admissions decisions are based primarily on evaluation of the applicant’s academic profile and on his or her ability to conduct research, as demonstrated by a Master’s level research dissertation that has received a grade of “Very good” or equivalent. In addition, there must be a logical connection between the candidate’s previous university studies and the discipline of the doctoral programme requested.

How to apply

Step one: complete your application online, providing all necessary documents and recommendations. Two admissions sessions take place every year:

  • ​From October to February, with admissions decisions in early April;
  • From February to April, with admissions decisions in early July.

PhD applications are reviewed by the doctoral thesis committee, which makes recommendations to the executive committee of the School of Research (ex-Doctoral School). The President of Sciences Po, as advised by the executive committee, grants final admission to candidates put forward by the Dean of the School of Research. Admission decisions are communicated by mail.