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Admission to a graduate dual degree programme

Sciences Po has signed dual degree conventions with several major universities throughout the world. Each year, these programmes enable students selected by both institutions to complete one year of studies at Sciences Po and one year at the partner institution, with a Master's degree awarded by each university.

The prestige of these degrees and the language skills acquired, together with the experience of student life in two different countries, are all assets that today's recruiters value highly.

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Dual degrees programmes (for domestic or international admissions)

Check the list of dual degrees available through domestic or international graduate admissions.

Please note:

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Dual Degree Admissions

Admission is granted on the basis of the evaluation of the application form and the required documents.

The final decision is taken by a joint committee between Sciences Po and the partner institution.

Several criteria are taken into account during the selection process.

Applicants must have achieved a certain level of academic performance during their undergraduate studies (bachelor level). Applications that do not reach the minimum level required will automatically be rejected, without exception. An undergraduate average close to our prerequisites, a possible Master's average meeting our prerequisites or any other element of the application file will not lead to an exception to this rule. 

Applicants must also rank among the best students of their class. Please note that an undergraduate average meeting our prerequisites does not in itself guarantee admission.

While assessing applications, we make sure that the requested programme suits the applicant's career plan, to ensure that they stand to gain the most from it.

Applicants must show a clear idea of the professional field that they are aiming for, and clearly state what aspects of the programme they find interesting and can prove beneficial for their career goals. 

Applicants should also show that they are eager to become part of Sciences Po’s and the partner university’s student communities.

References are mandatory and are a key element of your application.

The choice of your referees is essential. We suggest you contact them before starting your application.

Relevant professional experience (or at least one or more internships) is an asset, preferably in the field of the requested Master's programme.

Activities that demonstrate leadership capacity and overall responsibility are appreciated. Any personal experience attesting open-mindedness, curiosity or leadership is an asset (sports, arts, charity, etc.).

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How to apply

The application file to be completed depends on the applicant's previous academic career (see below).

The admission procedure is determined by the nationality of your Bachelor degree. Please check the eligibility criteria on the dedicated webpage.

Before starting your application, please check:

Students who will graduate from the Sciences Po Bachelor's programme at the end of the current academic year and wish to apply to a dual degree programme must submit their application through our domestic admissions procedure (FR), regardless of their educational background prior to Sciences Po.

You do not need to create a new account: just login to our application portal by using your usual Sciences Po username (firstname.lastname) and password.

When starting your application, select “French undergraduate degree (or 180 ECTS credits / bachelor’s degree or equivalent) from an institution located in France or abroad” and then “You are a Sciences Po student (and will obtain your bachelor this year) and you wish to apply to a dual degree programme”.

During the application process, you will be asked to enter your choice of dual degree (no Master’s programme choice is possible).

Please note:

  • You should only complete an application if you wish to apply to a dual degree programme, not to a Sciences Po Master's programme. Do not enter any other choice in your application. You will be prompted to choose your Master's programme at Sciences Po through your student platform at the invitation of the Academic Affairs office, as explained in several newsletters you will receive. Please disregard the information pertaining to regular Master’s shown on this table. Only the information about the Dual degrees are relevant for you. Learn more about our Master's programmes.
  • In the "Academic Record" section of your application to a dual degree, you will be asked to provide proof of your cumulative average at the Undergraduate College. Please request it through premiercycle.troisiemeannee@sciencespo.fr. The answer you will receive can be used as a certificate of your cumulative average. It is the average out of 20 that will be taken into account (not the GPA out of 4).
  • Do not forget to mention that you are a Sciences Po student, in order to benefit from a reduced application fee of 100 euros.

Before starting your application, please check:

You are currently an exchange student within the Sciences Po Undergraduate College: You must apply through the international procedure if your future Bachelor's degree is not French. You will be able to sign in with your usual Sciences Po login (firstname.lastname) and password, without having to create an account.

Before starting your application, please check:

  • Dual degree with GraSPP: Applicants pre-selected by both institutions will be invited for an interview on 8 March 2024. GraSPP will arrange an interview based on the UTC of the applicant's location stated in the application.
  • Dual degree with the LSE : Successful candidates may receive a conditional offer: on their academic record if they were in the process of obtaining their Bachelor's degree at the time of applying, and/or on their language test scores if applicable. The offer will mention what is expected for final admission.
  • Dual degree with SIPA (Columbia University): Successful candidates should request their home institution or authorized third parties (WES/CHESICC) to send their original transcripts electronically to the Registrar's Office at Columbia University. Original language tests, if applicable, should also be sent to Columbia University.
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Important information

  • You cannot apply to two dual degree programmes. You can however apply to a dual degree programme and a Master programme. In this case, you must position the dual degree programme as your first choice. This is only a technical constraint which will not prevent you from choosing whichever programme you want to attend, should you be admitted to both programmes.
  • If you apply to a Master’s programme and a dual degree programme with different deadlines, you must submit your application by the earliest deadline.  
  • Applications to dual degree programmes will only be considered if they include the required language test scores by the deadline of the selected programme. 
  • As our platform does not automatically invalidate incomplete files, it is your responsibility to submit an application that includes all required documents (including references and proof of language proficiency).
  • Candidates are notified as to the outcome of their dual degree application two to three months after the selected programme's application deadline.
  • Students must take up their place on a dual degree course at the beginning of the academic year following admission. It is not possible to defer entry for these programmes.

Fees & Financial Aid

Limited financial resources are not a barrier to receiving a Sciences Po education.

Nearly one in three students receives a full-fee scholarship.

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