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Competitive exam preparation

Please note

Registrations for the Sciences Po European competitive examination preparation centre will be open from Monday 6 February to Monday 27 February 2023. Registrations can be made by email at information.cpce@sciencespo.fr

Preparation center for european civil service examinations (CPCE)

The CPCE was established at Sciences Po in April 2007 as a response to the growing expectations and demand from students, alumni as well as other interested groups for a service to better prepare them for the competitive entry examination of The European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO).

The European institutions employ more than 40,000 people from 28 member countries of the EU. The Office EPSO organizes "open competitions" to select staff for both permanent official EU roles and temporary and contract-based positions. The EU also welcomes interns, and manages databases of data experts specialized in specific areas.

The CPCE scheduling follows the calendar of examinations published by EPSO and prepares students aiming to become permanent officials for the Administrator-level examination.

As of 2008, CPCE set up a preparation programme for the AD5 administrator examination beginning with the field of audit. From 2010, the CPCE has prepared students for all levels of the Administrator examination (AD5, AD7) including the generalist examination and the specialized units (audit, statistics).

Contact us

Information on the CPCE and registration: information.cpce@sciencespo.fr