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International graduate admissions

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About international admissions

The international graduate admissions procedure is open to applicants who have obtained or will obtain (this academic year) a Non-French undergraduate degree (or 180 ECTS credits / bachelor’s degree or equivalent) from an institution located in France or abroad.

Check the eligibility criteria. 

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Steps of the selection process

The selection process for Sciences Po two-year Master’s programmes through the international procedure consists of two stages:

- the admissibility stage

- the admission stage

Check the selection process. 

The selection process for dual degrees is different. Please refer to the page dedicated to dual degrees.

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How to apply

To submit your application, you must complete the following steps:

During the opening period of the admissions campaign, create an account, log in with your email address and fill out your application. It may take up to two hours before receiving the activation link. 

To create your file step by step, check the application guide

Please note : 

  • You cannot use the same application form twice. If you already applied in the past you must create a new application form.
  • Campus France: If you are a national of a country using the CEF procedure, please note that you cannot apply to Sciences Po through their system. Please send your application to Sciences Po through our platform, within our deadlines.

Please direct all questions regarding the choice of Master's programme, academic content or future job opportunities to the programme's academic advisor, whose contact information can be found on the programme's page.

You can select:

  • one Master's programme (excluding One Year Master’s programmes), or
  • one dual degree programme (excluding One Year Master’s programmes), or
  • both a Master's programme and a dual degree programme. In this case, you must select the dual degree programme as your first choice. This is only a technical constraint which will not prevent you from choosing whichever programme you want to attend, should you be admitted to both programmes.

Each program is the subject of a separate admission decision. 

You may not:

  • Apply to two dual degree programmes or two Master's programmes;
  • Combine a One Year Master's programme with any other programme
  • Combine a PhD programme with any other programme.


  • The Joint Master in Journalism and International Affairs and the Joint Master of Law and Finance are considered Sciences Po Master's degrees. Therefore, you can also choose a dual degree programme in addition to them.
  • You may only apply to Sciences Po programmes once per academic year. Should your application be unsuccessful, you are not allowed to apply to a different programme or through a different procedure for the same academic year. 

Start your application by filling out the reference section. This will ensure referees have adequate time to reply.

More about references.

When required, take the language tests as early as possible. Obtaining your language test scores may take up to three months. You must therefore take the necessary precautions in order to provide your results whilst respecting the deadlines.

Check the language requirements.

In order to ensure that your application will be processed, it is your responsibility to make sure that it is complete and that all required supporting documents are attached in the appropriate format (PDF 2Mo max) by the relevant deadline.

Once your application has been submitted, no new document will be accepted, unless requested by the Admissions office.

Your letter must be written in the language of the chosen programme. For a dual degree programme, write your letter in English (unless otherwise instructed). If you apply to two programmes, you must write two motivation letters in separate sections.

Assessors read a large number of letters every day. Therefore, they appreciate those that are carefully written and structured.

Applicants should show a clear idea of the professional field (or even position) they are aiming for and state clearly which aspects of their personality or background have led them to this choice. 

The adequacy between the applicant's career plans and the requested programme is evaluated in order to ensure that the prospective student stands to gain the most from it. We want to be certain to offer the training and academic framework that the applicant is seeking. Applicants must therefore explain in detail why they are applying to this particular programme, which elements of the programme they are interested in and how it fits their career plans.

The €150 application fee is not refundable.  

We do not offer fee waivers, unless you have a refugee status or are a recipient of a CROUS scholarship. In that case, please contact us and attach the official proof of your current situation.

You will also be able to benefit from a fee waiver of the application fee, should you be declared eligible for the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship. Please make sure to attach the email  approving your eligibility for the scholarship  to your application file

Please note: Paying the application fee does not mean that your application form has been submitted. Make sure to submit your application form by clicking on the Submit button.

Do not wait until the last day to submit your application.

In order to be assessed, your application file must be complete and submitted before the deadline of the programme you are applying to. If you apply to two programmes with different deadlines, or if you apply to a scholarship, you must meet the earliest deadline. 

All deadlines always refer to Paris time (11.59pm).

Please note:

  • As our platform does not automatically invalidate incomplete files, it is your responsibility to submit an application that includes all required documents (including references and proof of language proficiency).
  • Once you have submitted your application, no new document or element will be accepted, unless requested by the Admissions office.
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After submitting your application

Once you submit your application, you can access your dashboard and track its status.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application through their dashboard and by e-mail. The admission offer is valid only for the programme to which you have applied.

Check the admissions calendar.

Find out the first steps (calendars, access your online student account, register, choose your courses, etc.) and check our page for international students.

If your undergraduate degree was still in progress at the time you applied, you will be asked to provide a copy of your diploma by the time of your administrative registration (early spring or by the end of September at the latest). Should you fail to do so, our offer of admission will be revoked.

We fully understand your disappointment and your wish to know more about the reasons for our decision. Here are some explanations why your application was unsuccessful. We do not provide for a waiting list. 

The committee's decisions are final and cannot be appealed. Once the decision is released, no new assessment can be made. 


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