Cogito 15
Cogito 15
8 July 2021
Ambulatory Medical Care in France
12 December 2021

Directory of our Researchers Working on Health

Permanent Faculty

  • Anne-Laure Beaussier
    Research interests: Public policy analysis, , Health policy in Europe and the USA, Comparative analysis (France, the UK, the USA, Netherlands, Germany)
    Centre for the Sociology of Organisations (CSO)
  • Daniel Benamouzig
    Research interests: Health, Public action
    Centre for the Sociology of Organisations (CSO)
  • Cyril Benoît
    Research interests: Regulatory policies, interdependencies between governments and private companies, Financialisation and commodification of social protection regimes
    Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics (CEE)
  • Henri Bergeron
    Research interests: Public policies, Institutional entrepreneurship, Organisation and health
    Centre for the Sociology of Organisations (CSO)
  • Olivier Borraz
    Research interests: Environment, Risks, Health security, Public action, Sociology of health
    Centre for the Sociology of Organisations (CSO)
  • Thibault Boulvain
    Research interests: History and visual representations of the body and disease
    Centre for History (CHSP)
  • Sylvain Brunier
    Research interests: Sociology of agriculture, Environmental health, Knowledge, science, and expertise, Data infrastructure and geographic information systems
    Centre for the Sociology of Organisations (CSO)
  • Patrick Castel
    Research interests: Health, Public action, Organisation theory
    Centre for the Sociology of Organisations (CSO)
  • Renaud Crespin
    Research interests: Sociology of public action, Sociology of science and technology, Sociology of labour, Instruments and instrumentation of public action
    Centre for the Sociology of Organisations (CSO)
  • Michele Fioretti
    Research interests: Cooperation and competition between economic actors, Behavioural economics, Inequalities and discrimination, Corporate social responsibility, Health, Energy
    Department of Economics
  • William Genieys
    Research interests: The government of health policies in the USA and France
    Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics (CEE)
  • Léonie Hénaut
    Research interests: Organisations, Occupations and Work
    Centre for the Sociology of Organisations (CSO)
  • Jean-Noël Jouzel
    Research interests: Environmental health, Occupational health, Production of ignorance
    Centre for the Sociology of Organisations (CSO)
  • Guillaume Lachenal (FR)
    Research interests: Human health/environmental change/global social and political challenges
    médialab, Department of History
  • Éloi Laurent (FR)
    Research interests: Social ecology, new indicators of well-being, impact strength and sustainability, sustainable development, territorial economy
    Observatoire français des conjonctures économiques (OFCE)
  • Frédérique Leichter-Flack
    Research interests: History of moral sensibilities, Medical humanities, Literature
    Centre for History (CHSP)
  • Ulrike Lepont (FR)
    Research interests: Public policies, Higher education, Sociology of public action, Economic policies, Health policies, Social coverage, Expertise, Sociology of the State and of political institutions
    Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics (CEE)
  • Étienne Nouguez
    Research interests: Health, Medicines, Public action
    Centre for the Sociology of Organisations (CSO)
  • Bruno Palier
    Research interests: Welfare system; Public policies; European Union
    Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics (CEE)
  • Jérôme Pelisse
    Research interests: Professional relations, Risks and health at work, Labour law, Expertise, Sociology of law
    Centre for the Sociology of Organisations (CSO)
  • Yann Renisio
    Research interests: Social stratification, aspirations, and methodology in social science applied to professional specialisation in medicine
    Observatoire sociologique du changement (OSC)
  • Paul-André Rosental
    Research interests: Demography and population, Public health and social protection, Knowledge, know-how, organisations, Migrations, Biopolitics and eugenics
    Centre for History (CHSP)
  • Virginie Tournay
    Research interests: Politics of ‘living matter’, scientific mediations and political transformations of digital technologies.
    Centre for Political Science (CEVIPOF)

PhD Candidates & Postdocs

  • Crystale Aounit (PhD Candidate)
    Research interests: Public action, Health, Knowledge and expertise
    PhD Thesis Topic: Une sociologie de l’acné à travers ses médicaments : prescription, régulation et controverses
    Centre for the Sociology of Organisations (CSO)
  • Mauricio Aranda (Postdoc)
    Research interests: sociology of public action (social policies, health policies), sociology of professional groups
    Health Chair
  • Marie-Victoire Bouquet (Postdoc)
    Research interests: sociologie de l’action publique, sociologie électorale, populations vulnérables, mondes associatifs
    Health Chair
  • Florian Cafiero (PhD Candidate)
    PhD Thesis Topic: Controversies around vaccination, and their impact on the public.
  • Joan Cortinas (Postdoc)
    Research interests: logic of greening public action, intermediary public action actors, political activities of economic actors in public health
    Health Chair
  • Alice Dartveelle (PhD Candidate)
    Research interests: health law, international human rights law and comparative law.
    PhD Thesis Topic: Le droit et l’accès aux médicaments, le droit et la santé des femmes. judiciarisation de l’accès aux médicament
    Law School
  • Marion Gaborieau (post-doc)
    Research interests: Unfitness for work, Occupational health, Local civil service
    PhD Thesis Topic: L’inaptitude au travail : processus, acteurs, usages et enjeux à la Ville de Paris.
    Centre for the Sociology of Organisations (CSO)
  • Jean-Baptiste Garrocq (PhD Candidate) : Training of public mobilised against air pollution
  • Sarah Glaser (PhD Candidate)
    Research interests: Lies in the legal divide between goods and persons which explains her focus on Civil Law and EU Market Law
    PhD Thesis Topic: Interaction between the market and scientific innovation in the biomedical field
    Law School
  • Nourhan Hashish (PhD Candidate)
    Thesis: Legal Origins, Post-Colonial Institutions and Health Outcomes: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa
    Department of Economics
  • Alexandra Hondermarck (PhD Candidate)
    Research interests: Sociology of food, Medical and care, Social movements
    PhD Thesis Topic: Une « nébuleuse végétarienne ». Sociologie historique des pratiques de consommation végétariennes (1880 – 1940).
    Centre for the Sociology of Organisations (CSO)
  • Armelle Klein (Postdoc)
    Research interests: Vieillissement, handicap, innovations, technologie, évaluation des politiques publiques
    Health Chair
  • Angeliki Konstantinidou (PhD Candidate)
    Research interests: Social protection, comparative politics, international migration, political participation, political representation, integration policies for immigrant-origin minorities, party competition
    Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics (CEE)
  • Cyrille Jean (PhD Candidate)
    Research interests: Family planning, Birth control
    Centre for History (CHSP)
  • Lucie Kraepiel (PhD Candidate)
    Research interests: Outpatient care, New Public Management, Health Organisations
    PhD Thesis Topic: Concevoir et organiser la prise en charge ambulatoire des pathologies cardiaques : une comparaison de politique publique entre la France et l’Allemagne
    Centre for the Sociology of Organisations (CSO)
  • Gaëlle Larrieu (PhD Candidate)
    Research interests: Socialisation, Family, Lifestyles: social rhythms, norms, environment
    PhD Thesis Topic: Réceptions et appropriations parentales du diagnostic médical de variation du développement sexuel
    Observatoire sociologique du changement (OSC)
  • Cécile Lavier (PhD Candidate)
    Research interests: Health policy
    PhD Thesis Topic: Repenser la « réticence vaccinale » : étude comparée des vaccinations HPV et VHB
    Centre for the Sociology of Organisations (CSO)
  • Stéphane Lavoipierre (PhD Candidate)
    Research interests: Sociology of health, Sociology of professions, Sociology of public policy
    PhD Thesis Topic: Comprendre la politique d’extension de la couverture maladie : le cas des soins dentaires
    Centre for the Sociology of Organisations (CSO)
  • Julia Legrand (Postdoc)
    Research interests: sociology of health, in particular of prescription of drugs, doctor-patient relationships, psychotropic drugs and psychiatric classifications, sociology of science
    Health Chair
  • Guillaume Levrier (PhD Candidate)
    Research interests: Comparative politics and how different institutional systems (the USA, the EU, China) cope with the challenges raised by the anticipated uses of genome editing.
    Centre for Political Science (CEVIPOF)
  • Paul Marquis (PhD Candidate)
    Research interests: History of colonial psychiatry, Social history of colonial Algeria, History of medical work, History of the contemporary ‘warrior phenomenon’ and violence
    PhD Thesis Topic: Les fous de Joinville. Une histoire sociale de la psychiatrie coloniale en Algérie « 1933-1962)
    Centre for History (CHSP)
  • Anne Moyal (Postdoc)
    Research interests: Public Action, Health, Firms
    Centre for the Sociology of Organisations (CSO)
  • Noémie Morize (PhD Candidate)
    Research interests: Public Action, Health and primary care, Professional groups
    PhD Thesis Topic: Co-construire des financements expérimentaux pour réformer les soins primaires
    Centre for the Sociology of Organisations (CSO)
  • Pierre Nobi (PhD Candidate)
    Research interests: Construction and circulation of medical knowledge, 18th-19th centuries
    PhD Thesis Topic: Du « typhus américain » au « typhus indien » : constructions et circulations de savoirs médicaux du monde atlantique à la Méditerranée (années 1780-1830)
    Centre for History (CHSP)
  • Jeanne Pahun (Postdoc)
    Research interests: Action publique, santé, alimentation, agriculture
    Health Chair
  • Capucine Rauch (PhD Candidate)
    PhD Thesis Topic: Le sommeil, une variable d’ajustement ? Différences sociales et genrées au cours du cycle de vie
    Observatoire sociologique du changement (OSC)
  • Gaëtan Thomas (Postdoc)
    Research interests: Infectious diseases and vaccination, health data and infrastructure, cultural criticism
  • Jules Villa (PhD Candidate)
    Research interests: Epidemic, environmental and health issues in the Democratic Republic of Congo



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Directory of our Researchers Working on Health