Renaud Crespin

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Sociology of public action, Sociology of science and technology, Sociology of labour, Instruments and instrumentation of public action

Research Programs

  • Knowledge, science, expertise program
  • Law, norms, regulations program
  • Public policy, transformations of the state program
  • Work, employment, professions program


Renaud Crespin’s work is grounded in a theoretical framework comprising three angles of analysis: the sociology of public action, the sociology of science and technology, and the sociology of labour.

His research, which examines the processes by which public action in the domains of health and the environment is rationalised, focuses mainly on the comparison of processes of instrumentation of preventative policies (screening, selection of blood donors, etc.) in various areas of activity (blood donation, the fight against HIV/AIDS, road safety, the war on drugs, and work) and on the role of technical-scientific expertise in the construction of public health problems—especially environmental ones (e.g., indoor air pollution).


  • Renaud Crespin, Dominique Lhuilier, Gladys Lutz. Se doper pour travailler. Érès, 350 p., 2017, Coll. Clinique du travail, 978-2-7492-5459-3. ⟨10.3917/eres.crespi.2017.01⟩⟨hal-01477647⟩
  • Renaud Crespin. From Care to Risk Prevention : The Success of Screening Tests for Drugs at the Workplace: United State / France. Measuring Mental Disorders, ELSEVIER; ISTE Press, pp.183 - 234, 2018, 9781785483059. ⟨hal-01960181⟩
  • Renaud Crespin. Critiques et formes de résistance d’une médecine sous influence : Les médecins du don face à la rationalisation de leurs pratiques. Sciences Sociales et Santé, John Libbey, 2016, 34 (4), pp.45 - 69. ⟨hal-02135434⟩
  • Renaud Crespin, Benjamin Ferron. An Acceptable Daily Intake of Bad News.. Politiques de communication, Presses universitaires de Grenoble, 2016, 7 (2), pp.151-181. ⟨10.3917/pdc.007.0151⟩⟨halshs-02747680⟩
  • Renaud Crespin, Yann Berard. Aux frontières de l’expertise : dialogues entre savoirs et pouvoirs. Presses universitaires de Rennes, pp.278, 2010, Res publica, 978-2-7535-1165-1. ⟨10.4000/books.pur.9913⟩⟨hal-03174350⟩

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Sciences Po

  • Sociology of science (Master’s programme in Sociology, with J.-Noël Jouzel)

École Nationale d'Administration

  • Coordination of the “Analysis and evaluation of public policies for risk management” module for the Master’s programme in Territorial Risk Prevention and Management
  • Introduction to public policy analysis
  • Forms and effects of the instrumentation of public action on the management of collective risks

Paris Dauphine University

  • Sociology of expertise and controversy (with Nicolas Fortané)

EHESP- Sciences Po Rennes

  • Instruments and instrumentation of public action: The case of health policies (Master’s 2 programme in Steering Public Health Policies and Actions)


  • Co-leader of the Knowledge, science, and expertise research programme at the CSO (with J-. Noël Jouzel, 2017 - present)
  • Member of the CNRS’ interdisciplinary commission on Methods, practices, and communications of science and techniques (2017 - present)
  • Member of the CNRS’ Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences scientific board (2014 - present)
  • Member of the CSO’s laboratory council
  • Member of the international and interdisciplinary journal Lien social et Politiques’ editorial board
  • Appointed member of the Observatory on Health Care Professionals’ Quality of Life at Work (2018-2020)
  • Co-leader of the CSO doctoral seminar (with Olivier Pilmis, 2015 - 2018)
  • Member of the ANSES’ (French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety) Environment-Health-Work (PNR-EST) national research programme’s scientific committee (2014 - 2018)


PhD in Political Science, Pantheon-Sorbonne University (advisor: Pierre Lascoumes)
Dissertation title: "Appropriation et régulation publique d’un instrument biologique, la carrière sociale des tests de dépistage du VIH, une étude comparative (France, Etats-Unis, Canada, Pays-Bas)" [Appropriation and public regulation of a biological tool: The social career of HIV tests, a comparative study (France, USA, Canada, Netherlands)]
Committee: Martine Bungener, Michel Callon, Bastien François, and Jacques Lagroye.

DEA (M.Phil) in Organisations and Public Policy, Pantheon-Sorbonne University

Master’s degree in Political Science, Pantheon-Sorbonne University

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