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Planetary Health, Protecting Nature to Protect Ourselves

Samuel Myers
Samuel Myers (crédits : DR Samuel Myers)

Sciences Po LIEPP's Environmental Policies Research Group and the Centre des Politiques de la Terre are pleased to convene the seminar Planetary health, protecting nature to protect ourselves: a discussion with Samuel Myers.

The publication of the French translation of this introduction to the planetary health paradigm will give us the opportunity to discuss with the author, Samuel Myers, Researcher at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health & Director, Planetary Health Alliance. 

He will present the challenges of this emerging discipline. Indeed, understanding how environment changes affect our health is increasingly critical to a variety of disciplines and professions.

With an interdisciplinary approach, this collective book addresses a wide range of health impacts felt in the Anthropocene, including food and nutrition, infectious disease, non-communicable disease, dislocation and conflict, and mental health. It also presents strategies to combat environmental changes and its ill-effects, such as controlling toxic exposures, investing in clean energy, improving urban design, and more.


  • Anneliese Depoux, Université Paris Cité, Centre Virchow-Villermé de Santé Publique Paris-Berlin et CPT
  • Anne Revillard, Sciences Po (LIEPP, CRIS)
  • Martin Hendel, ESIEE Paris, Université Paris Cité, LIED et LIEPP-Sciences Po.

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This seminar is organised with the support of the Alliance Santé Planétaire, the Centre Virchow Villermé and Rue de l'échiquier publishing house.

À propos de cet événement

Le 23 septembre 2022 de 10:30 à 12:30

Amphithéâtre Claude Érignac

13 rue de l'Université, 75007, Paris

Organisé par

LIEPP-Sciences Po; Centre des politiques de la Terre