The European Green Deal and the Covid-19 crisis

Vendredi 24 avril 2020 14h30 à 16h00
En ligne / Online

Webinar with:

  • Matthias Buck, Director of European Energy Policy, Agora Energiewende
  • Lara Lazaro, Senior Analyst, Elcano Royal Institute
  • Xavier Timbeau, Director, Observatoire français des conjonctures économiques (OFCE Sciences Po)

This webinar will be moderated by Sébastien Treyer, Executive Director, IDDRI.

At the heart of the agenda of the European Commission, which took office at the end of 2019, the European Green Deal aims to implement a programme of structural transformation of the European economy to achieve climate neutrality in the European Union by 2050.

While the first elements of the Pact were unveiled at the beginning of 2020—the Green Deal Investment Plan or the first EU Climate Law—and as a significant number of legislative and non-legislative initiatives are planned for the coming months, the Covid-19 crisis has redefined the immediate priorities of the European Union and raises questions about the need to adapt the Green Deal to take into account this new context.

What is the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the European economy? What are the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis on the agenda of the European Green Deal and the climate ambition of the continent? What role for the EU and the Member States to combine ecological transition policies and the revival of the European economy? How to make the Green Deal a key component of the reconstruction of European economies?

This webinar will offer insights into these questions by combining the views of French, German and Spanish experts (in English without translation.)

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