Pandemics and the degradation of biodiversity

Mercredi 2 décembre 2020 19h15 à 21h15
Organisé parSciences Po School of Public Affairs

In the framework of the « Sciences and Politics of the Planet » series, co-organised by the « Master en Arts Politiques » and the « Energy, Environment and sustainability » policy stream of the Sciences Po School of Public Affairs, a webinar with:

  • Dr. Jean-François Guégan, INRAE/National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment
  • Moderated by Dr. Sébastien Treyer, Executive Director of IDDRI and a group of Sciences Po students.

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Scientific advances, unveiling unknown environmental objects like deep sea ecosystems or environmental problems like ocean acidification, have always played a key role in the development of a policy agenda on the environment, the ecological transition and sustainable development.

Recent social mobilization movements on climate action or biodiversity (Fridays for Future, Extinction Rebellion) have grounded their political statement on science. Scientists had also warned of the link between biodiversity degradation through deforestation or industrial livestock systems and the increase in pandemics risks, without provoking mobilization.

This seminar aims at exploring the complex links between science in the making, society and social mobilization processes, and the institutions and processes of policymaking. It aims at exploring the links between how science progresses and how political debates and policymaking processes can change over time.To do so, it will rely on a series of conferences with prestigious speakers from the field of environmental sciences and of philosophy, with whom students will prepare a session and interact.