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International Undergraduate Admissions

Admissions for the 2024 intake are closed.

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Who can apply through this admission pathway?

The international admission pathway is designed for all candidates who are preparing to sit for a non-French secondary school certificate or diploma. Indeed, what matters in the choice of the pathway is the type of secondary school diploma, not the candidate’s nationality. 

Examples of eligible secondary school diplomas:  International Baccalaureate Diploma, GCSE/A-levels, Abitur, Maturité suisse, US High school diploma.

Please note that:

  • If you are preparing for both the French baccalaureate and a non-French secondary school diploma, you must apply through the French admission pathway, on Parcoursup.
  • If you graduated from secondary school (high school) before October 2023, you must ask for a special dispensation before submitting your application. Dispensations are granted by the Admission Office upon specific criteria.
  • If you are preparing for an Abibac, a Bachibac or an Esabac in a French high school, you must apply through the French admission pathway on Parcoursup. If you are preparing for a European Baccalaureate, an Abibac, a Bachibac or an Esabac in a non-French high school, you must apply to the Bachelor through the international admission pathway, except for the dual degree programmes between Sciences Po and a French university to which you must apply via Parcoursup.
  • It is not possible to apply more than once to Sciences Po Undergraduate College.

Find out more about the eligibility criteria for the unified undergraduate admissions procedure.

Applicants must create and submit an application via the Sciences Po admissions website, adhering to deadlines outlined in the admissions calendar.

Candidates applying through this admissions pathway may apply to two programmes offered at the Undergraduate College, including dual degree programmes.

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Applicants must complete each of the following steps.

Log in to https://admission.sciencespo.fr/ and enter a username (your email address) and password. Once you have created your account on the website you will need to activate it. It may take up to two hours for the email containing your activation link to arrive in your inbox. We thank you for your patience.

Campus France: If you reside in one of the countries included in the CEF procedure (member of the Campus France programme), we remind you that Sciences Po’s admissions procedure does not come under the Campus France initiative. To apply to Sciences Po, you will need to create an application via the Sciences Po admissions website directly, adhering to our admissions deadlines.

Start by selecting your programme and campus preferences. Find out more about the Bachelor of Arts and dual degree programmes at the Undergraduate College.

Candidates applying through the international pathway must select: 

  • Two minors of the Bachelor of Arts, 


  • One dual degree programme (as your first choice) and a minor of the Bachelor of Arts.

Please note that if you select two minors of the Bachelor of Arts, in case of admission, Sciences Po will assign you to one of the two selected programmes in your Sciences Po application.

We encourage applicants to choose their programmes/campuses according to their personal and professional plans, interests and commitment to the educational principles of the Undergraduate College, rather than on the basis of their nationality or place of residence. It is also important to factor in the languages you speak or, if applicable, the languages you would like to learn.

Browse the language requirements for our undergraduate programmes.

Whatever campus they study at, all students graduate with the Sciences Po Bachelor’s degree in social sciences and humanities at the end of three years of study (4 years in the case of some dual degree programmes). They may then go on to study for a two-year Master’s degree on the Sciences Po Paris Campus.

The online application consists of multiple sections. Each section must be saved using the “Save changes” button at the bottom of the screen. This allows you to complete your application in several steps.

To facilitate our processing of your application, please ensure that you use the email address you entered when creating your application in all correspondence with the Admission office.

We advise you to begin your application by completing the section relating to your online references. You must allow your referees as much time as possible to respond to the request.

Applications submitted without two academic references are considered incomplete. They will therefore not be assessed. Please note that you may send a reminder to your referees yourself via your candidate space.

As a candidate, you undertake to ensure that the references submitted by your referees in your application to Sciences Po are both honest and accurate.

Applications must be submitted online and include all the required supporting documents. Should any documents be missing, your application will be deemed incomplete and will not be evaluated.

Build your application with care by paying particular attention to the following items:

  • The attached files must be in PDF format and cannot be bigger than 2 Mo. Use free software to compress your PDF documents.
  • The attached files should be in PDF format and no bigger than 2 Mo. You may use free softwares to compress your PDF documents.
  • Name each attached file in English or French (e.g.: Baccalaureate results, CV, transcript…).
  • Make sure you do not attach your documents upside down.
  • For an easier review, we ask you to scan all three transcripts of each academic year into a single document and in chronological order. You may use free software to aggregate your documents.
  • For more details on the documents format, please check the practical information section.

Check the list of required documents.

Application fee: €150 (this fee is non-refundable).

Only candidates who can prove their refugee status will be granted an exemption from this application fee. If this applies to you, please email us attaching a copy of a document that certifies your status.

Please note: paying the application fee does not automatically submit your application. Don’t forget to click “Submit my application”.

  • You must submit your completed application, including all required documents. You will need to have completed all the mandatory fields indicated on each page.
  • Do not wait until the last day to submit your application: submit your application as soon as it is complete.

Please note:  Once you have submitted your application, it can no longer be modified by Sciences Po or by you. We would ask you therefore to be extremely careful when submitting the application online: all elements must be complete and the required documents attached. Your referees will be given a few additional days to complete their reference but it is your responsibility to ensure that they do so within a short time of the submission.

Once your application is ready for assessment, no documents attached subsequently will be considered (unless requested by us).

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Once you have applied

Once you have submitted your application, you will be able to access your candidate space, where you can check the status of your application and verify that your referees have completed their recommendation.

In order to proceed to the interview phase, the fourth and final evaluation of the admissions procedure, candidates must have obtained a mark A equal to or higher than the minimum mark defined by defined by the selection committee. 

All candidates will be informed of the decision of the selection committee to invite them to this last evaluation or not. 

All selected candidates will be contacted by email and will receive an invitation to a remote interview.

After the interviews session, applicants obtain a mark out of 80. This mark is the total of the mark out of 60 awarded for the first three evaluations of their application and the mark out of 20 awarded for their interview. The selection committee examines the results and sets a minimum mark B. Applicants who have obtained a mark equal to or higher than this minimum mark are admitted to Sciences Po Undergraduate college. 

Accepted candidates will receive an offer of admission, including an assignment to one of the two programmes they requested in their application. 

Candidates who requested a dual degree programme and a minor of the Bachelor of Arts can receive an offer of admission for one of them or for both of these programmes; in this case, they must select and inform the Admission Office of their choice. 

Candidates will be notified as to whether or not they have been accepted via their candidate space and by email on the dates outlined in the admissions calendar above.

Acceptances are conditional on the obtention of your final high school diploma. All accepted candidates will need to provide a certificate of their diploma when completing their administrative registration.

Accepted candidates who wish to join Sciences Po must accept their admissions offer as quickly as possible via their online application file. This will allow our staff to begin the necessary administrative and academic procedures to prepare your place at Sciences Po.

Visit the Sciences Po student site to find out about first steps (accessing your online student account, registering, choosing your classes, consulting timetables and all useful information relating to your studies) and discover our international students page.

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