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Beyond preconceived ideas on children of immigrants...

Interview with a young sociologist

Mathieu Ichou

Mathieu Ichou

After a visitor scholarship at Nuffield College, University of Oxford, Mathieu Ichou passed successfully his PHD in 2014. He studied sociology at OSC Sciences Po, under the supervision of Agnès van Zanten. The young sociologist combines both traditional sociological method and adaptability to describe a debated multi-faceted reality. He's now research Fellow in the French Institute for Demographic Studies (INED). 

In your work you denounce the standard equation of immigration with social problem and education failure 

"My thesis on the academic trajectories of children of immigrants attempts to debunk a certain number of prejudices or preconceived ideas on immigration. I think that the most important thing that I try to challenge is the idea that immigration is mainly a social problem.

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Training in research and through research

Sciences Po’s doctoral candidates have a strong connection with international research.  

For example, the Doctoral School and Sciences Po’s Centre for the Americas recently created an American doctoral scholarship program.  Each year, ten of our PhD candidates are hosted by social science research centres at major North American universities.

PhD candidates can also complete a joint doctorate with Columbia University (New York), Northwestern University (Chicago) or the Max Planck Institute (Cologne).


Prizes awarded to PhD students and junior researchers

Juliette Galonnier, doctorante du double diplôme Sciences Po/Northwestern University de Chicago

Presidential Fellowship, Juliette Galonnierdoctorante du double diplôme Sciences Po/Northwestern University de Chicago reçoit la plus prestigieuse bourse décernée par l'Université Northwestern (Chicago).

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