Master in Public Policy

The Master in Public Policy/Politiques Publiques is a two-year degree designed to prepare future professionals of public affairs for a great diversity of careers worldwide. 

Anchored in social sciences, with a focus on exploring the intersection between public affairs and cutting-edge technologies, it develops an emphasis on policy and decision making 2.0. 

To equip our students with a multidimensional and panoramic vision, the curriculum is built around a thorough core module in public economics, public policy, ethics, technology, management, international governance and law, with a choice of a multitude of electives that examine current policy debates with insights from academics and practitioners. 

In all of these core courses, the teaching fuses frontier research and pedagogical innovation to equip new actors to harness today's increasing complexities and to surmount the boundaries of clustered knowledge.

The School offers multiple policy streams for students to specialize in critical policy challenges. These streams are taught in French or in English, and require students to demonstrate language proficiency according to their choice. Policy streams in French are attached to the Master Politiques Publiques. Policy streams in English are attached to the Master in Public Policy. 

Policy streams in English (Master in Public Policy):

Policy streams in French (Master Politiques Publiques):

Students also choose courses among a broad offer of electives and case studies.

Starting in the academic year 2016-2017, a policy lab will give students the opportunity to collaborate with clients to co-develop and test practical solutions for public policy challenges in the field. This culture of innovation and exploration is the cornerstone of our philosophy.

The Master in Public Policy curriculum is rounded off by the inclusion of:

  • Two courses chosen among Sciences Po's hallmark common core curriculum
  • Sciences Po's "in house" language courses.
  • The personal project semester (internship, academic exchange, thesis, individual project)
  • The final oral exam, Sciences Po's "grand oral"

Students with significant work experience (5 years and above) should consider the one-year Master in Public Affairs, which is specically designed for mid-career professionals. 

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