When Econometrics Sheds Light on the History of Social Relations
16 March 2021
Populism: Research Directory
17 May 2021

Cogito 13

Recent months have taught us the importance of the formation of choices and the acceptance of political decisions. Two original approaches are applied here to these topics. Another noteworthy challenge is raised by the health issues that our researchers examine from various perspectives:  the history of epidemics, professional illnesses, Obamacare and the links between fertility and growth. Finally, the trajectories and impacts of innovations are also investigated; how international organisations deal with racism; the origins of child welfare services and the radical renewal of the histories of law. We hope you enjoy your read!

In Folio

When Earning a Living Costs Your Life
by Jean-Nöel Jouzel, Jérôme Pelisse & al.
Is Innovation a Matter
of Destruction and Creation?
Interview with Céline Antonin
Living in the Time of Covid-19:
Can History Help us?
Interview with Guillaume Lachenal et Gaëtan Thomas
Policy Elites and Politics:
The Case of Obamacare
Interview de William Genieys
The Right-Left Cleavage is Very Much Alive
Interview  with Janine Mossuz-Lavau
Passing Laws:
When the End Justifies (or not) the Means
by Sylvain Brouard
Race and Racism in the Concert of Nations
Interview with Juliette Galonnier et Patrick Simon
Female Education, Technologies
and the Demographic Transition
by Angela Greulich
Writing the History of Our Laws:
New Trends, New Methods
by Frédéric Audren

Research Projects

Counting the Forgotten in Politics
Interview with Julia Cagé
When Econometrics Sheds Light
on the History of Social Relations
Interview de Thomas Chaney
Regulating the Poverty of Roma Migrants: the French, Italian, and Spanish Cases
by Tommaso Vitale & al.


Influenced Choice: Why Opt for Lockdown?
A CDSP & OSC Survey

Rising Stars

The Origins of Social Assistance:
Helping and Controlling
Interview with Lola Zapi
Defending Humanity
by Protecting its Heritage
Interview with Mathilde Leloup