The Vincent Wright Chair


Inaugurated in 2003, the Vincent Wright Chair is a visiting professorship that promotes academic exchanges between France and Britain by welcoming one professor from a UK university to Sciences Po each year.

The Chair encourages European comparative research and helps develop cooperation between Sciences Po and British universities.

Vincent Wright (1937-1999)

Historian, political scientist, and comparative scholar Vincent Wright was one of the most original and highly respected European intellectuals of the second half of the twentieth century.
English by birth, nationality and culture, he devoted himself to the analysis of French politics and to the history of the French administration in particular.

He studied at the London School of Economics and Political Science and at Sciences Po before embarking on what his commitment and keen mind would ensure was a brilliant career. Beginning as a language assistant in Bordeaux, he then became a lecturer at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, a reader at the London School of Economics, and finally Official Fellow of Nuffield College, Oxford.

Terms of the visiting Chair

Each year, one professor from a UK university or research institution is invited to Sciences Po for six months (January to June) with visiting professor status.
The visiting professor teaches comparative and/or specialised courses on the UK, in French or English, at undergraduate and/or Master's level.

Call for applications (PDF, 750 Kb)

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