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A scholarship for students in the dual programmes with Columbia and Berkeley

Every year since 2016, the Sciences Po American Foundation offer the Henri de Castries Scholarship, a merit-based scholarship for students enrolled in the Sciences Po-Columbia University Dual BA programme and the Sciences Po-UC Berkeley Dual degree programme.

The $10,000 scholarship is awarded on an annual basis for one year of study. This year, the scholarship was awarded to Marley Fortin, a student in the Sciences Po-UC Berkeley dual BA programme:

"This scholarship offer is a reaffirmation that I made the best possible choice when I chose the Sciences Po-UC Berkeley Dual BA program. It will alleviate a significant financial burden on my family, allowing me to immerse myself in everything that this program has to offer. I've worked really hard these past few years to become a serious and well-rounded scholar. Hearing that I not only have the opportuntiy to join a group of amazing, driven peers at two stellar institutions, but also that my effort over these past four years have been validated by individual support from Sciences Po, the Sciences Po American Foudnation, and Axa, makes me even more eager to continue pursuing my ambitions. I am studying to contribute to my world, in whatever professional form that may take: enshrining human rights globally, crafting policy options that best serve constituents, building international trust and camaraderie." - Marley Fortin

Sciences Po offers a wide range of financial aid for students from all backgrounds, and nearly 1 out of 3 students is exempt of tuition fees.

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