Undergraduate studies

Sciences Po College: A general education in social sciences

Open to students with the Baccalauréat (or a foreign equivalent), Sciences Po College offers a three-year undergraduate programme. 


Two years in France, one year abroad

Undergraduate students spend the first two years on one of Sciences Po’s seven campuses in France, and are then required to spend their third year abroad. This programme leads to a Bachelor-level degree (240 ECTS credits).

Multidisciplinary studies with an international focus

The educational programme at Sciences Po College includes a common core of social sciences courses - law, economics, history, political science and sociology - as well as specialised courses according to specific regional focuses:

The Paris Campus offers a general social sciences programme.

Sciences Po campuses in France

French and English are the main languages of instruction. In addition, Sciences Po offers language courses in more than 25 languages. Sciences Po is also open to non French-speaking students, who may enrol in one of the English-language programmes offered in Le Havre, Menton and Reims. They learn French while studying at Sciences Po.

The Sciences Po College curriculum also features artistic, literary and scientific disciplines. The overarching goal is to provide students with all the tools they need to understand today's world.

Develop critical thinking skills

At Sciences Po, students take full advantage of formal instruction thanks to interactive classes. This format fosters skills such as public speaking, debate and critical thinking. Courses are taught both by academics and by professionals from around the world.

A degree that creates opportunities

Following their three years of study, students earn their Bachelor's degree. They can then choose to begin their professional lives or to continue their studies at the master's level at Sciences Po or in any other university in France or abroad.


Sciences Po students spending their third year abroad

Third year abroad

Students must complete their final year in the Sciences Po College programme outside of France, either performing an internship or studying in one of Sciences Po's 410 partner universities. Learn more about the 3rd year abroad


Our network of universities

Sciences Po operates within a network of 410 partner universities. This network is unique for its dynamism and academic excellence. See all our partner universities



Emile Boutmy, founder of Sciences Po

The Emile Boutmy scholarship

The Emile Boutmy scholarship is awarded to the best international students from outside of the European Union. 

International student at Sciences Po

International admissions procedures

The international admissions procedures allow Sciences Po to recruit students from all over the world.

Students at Sciences Po College

Why did they choose Sciences Po?

In September 2014, more than 1,500 undergraduate students representing 82 nationalities started the school year at Sciences Po. Why did they choose Sciences Po?