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Academic affairs

Essential information 

New Student's Guide

When students receive their offer of admission to the Undergraduate College, they are advised to consult the New Student's Guide to find out what they need to do before their courses start.

Study rules

Students must comply with the obligations set out in the study regulations (PDF, 179 Ko). Failure to fulfill one of these obligations may result in having to repeat a course or not obtaining the degree.

With regard to the references and citations that students use in their work, respect for intellectual property is fundamental (link to doc being drafted). Plagiarism and fraud are severely punished, as specified in the anti-plagiarism charter (PDF, 59 Ko).

The student life regulations (PDF, 357 Ko) apply to the political, union, sporting and cultural activities that students pursue through clubs and associations.

Academic calendars

To find out the dates of mock exams, exams, and holidays, please refer to the calendar of the campus you are interested in:

Required procedures 

Registration and re-registration

Administrative registration is the first procedure students need to complete. It takes place every year between April and September, according to a calendar you can view online.

At the same time, students are required to pay their tuition fees and join a social security scheme (or renew their membership).

Students are issued with a student ID card the first time they register, which they keep for the duration of their studies at the Undergraduate College.

Choose your courses

Students sign up for their courses during course registration. This is held twice a year:

  • Early July or late August (depending on the campus) for the autumn semester
  • Early January for the spring semester

Support services

Sciences Po's services are available to provide students with tailored assistance throughout their time at the university:


Student account

Students manage all aspects of their education on their online account (signing up for courses, registration, administrative documents, scholarship payments, etc.)

Access student account

(The 9 figure ID number on your student card and your password)

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