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Academic and methodological skills

Sciences Po emphasizes a hybrid disciplinary and multidisciplinary approach to learning with a central international comparative dimension that is rooted in research. As such, students benefit from an ingrained culture of inquiry, rigorous thinking, and synthesis. They will regularly be called upon to present and defend their ideas in a precise, well-documented, and analytical manner. They do so in writing and aloud, in different languages, both individually and in groups.

Progressive and intensive initiation into methodological principles enables students to consolidate a set of academic and pre-professional skills:

  • Define and conduct literature-based research and construct a corpus of sources.
  • Reinforce ability to read, interpret and analyse information (text, graphical, data).
  • Create a research question and develop an academically-rooted personal point of view.
  • Refine and increase the ability to write and represent data graphically.
  • Produce documents integrating various forms of language: text, images, figures.
  • Listen, develop public speaking skills, and engage in debate.
  • Design and implement a project and evaluate its implications.

The resources of the E-College

This digital hub hosts a variety of resources (methodological sheets, tutorials, videos, MOOCs, etc.) that are available to Bachelor students, regardless of the cohort to which they belong.

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