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The Sciences Po Undergraduate College is made up of a network of seven campuses: Dijon, Le Havre, Menton, Nancy, Paris, Poitiers and Reims. It offers undergraduate degree programmes and admits students with a baccalauréat or equivalent school-leaving qualification.   

After three years, students graduate with a Bachelor of Arts and may go on to a Master's programme at Sciences Po or another institution in France or abroad, or go straight into the workforce.

A multidisciplinary programme in the social sciences and humanities 

The Sciences Po Undergraduate College strives to educate enlightened, inventive citizens who will contribute to the common good in a global world.

Based on the study of six core disciplines: law, economics, history, political humanities, political science and sociology, students learn to critically reflect on transformations in contemporary societies while leveraging a combination of theory, methodology and fieldwork.

First year is designed to teach students fundamental theories and concepts in each discipline. In second year, they choose one of three multidisciplinary majors: Economies and Societies, Political Humanities or Politics and Government. Third year offers more advanced study of the major abroad at one of our 480 partner universities.

A programme with a global outlook 

An international perspective features throughout students’ study path:

  • More than half the students enrolled at the College are international, a cultural diversity that fosters an understanding of difference.
  • A significant proportion of the courses is delivered in English.
  • On the regional campuses, students complete their major by choosing a geographical minor. They take specific disciplinary and language courses related to the geographic region in question. The third year abroad is an opportunity to further this regional concentration.
  • The Undergraduate College offers six dual degrees in France and nine international dual degrees.

Students own their own learning and engage with society

Students learn to think critically and develop intellectual rigour, public-speaking skills and ease in debate thanks to a variety of course formats (face-to-face, remotely and off-campus) taught by academics and practitioners; they gain experience in group work and project development.

As part of a civic programme spanning the three years, students engage for the common good through activities carried out at Sciences Po or off-campus, in the public, private or nonprofit sectors, in France and internationally. These experiences count towards completion of the programme and can take various forms: internships, group projects or volunteer work.

A focus on social inclusion

Each year, the Equal Opportunity Programme facilitates admission to the Undergraduate College for students from 198 partner high schools in France through a specific admissions procedure. After 20 years of existence and more than 2,000 students admitted, this unique scheme is part of a unified admission procedure, which it has inspired into account of personal commitment or the exercise of reacting to an image during the oral.

The Civic Learning Programme: Humanism in Practice

The Civic Learning Programme offers Undergraduate College students the chance to learn and understand citizenship and social responsibility through an experience of engagement out in the field.

Discover the Civic Learning Proramme.

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