Student welfare and support

The  Sciences Po Student Welfare and Support Office offers:

  • one-off financial assistance for unbudgeted expenditure;
  • grants for doctoral students;
  • the possibility for international students who do not hold a scholarship to have their tuition fees reduced, if they can show they are unable to pay their tuition fees and are not authorised to refer the matter to the financial support committee;
  • information on the social security system and the healthcare system;
  • help with applying for housing benefits (la CAF);
  • options for finding a student job;
  • information on how to open a bank account.

The Office works closely with:

  • The Sciences Po Health Centre
  • The Crous social workers, Sophie Roidot and Bénédicte Lacroix:
    • Ph. 01 40 46 34 34
    • Address: La Sorbonne - 1 rue Victor Cousin - Galerie Claude Bernard - Stairwell U - first floor - Office E665 and E666

In short, the Student Welfare and Support Office will work with you to consider your specific circumstances, discuss appropriate solutions, inform you and guide you towards the available sources of support. It works in close collaboration with other Sciences Po offices and departments, and with external services. It can refer you to specialised services (medical, legal and academic) that can provide complementary support.