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Career Guidance

Working in close collaboration with the academic staff on each campus, the advisors at Sciences Po Careers are available to support, train and guide students through every stage of launching their careers.

Finding a Master's programme and choosing a career path

If your professional plans are still vague or you have not yet chosen a Master’s programme, check out the Sciences Po Careers website.

For a glimpse of what it offers:

Doing an internship

Internships are an integral part of your studies at Sciences Po. They provide an opportunity for you to experience different fields of work and to refine your career plans:

In the 1st and 2nd year, University College students complete two compulsory, credited field experiences: a minimum 140-hour civic internship (which takes place during the summer of the first year) and a 60-hour independent project (which takes place continuously throughout the second year). In 3rd year students also have the possibility to carry out an optional independent project following the same modalities as the 2nd year project.

In all three years at the Undergraduate College, students may complete optional additional internships allowing them to gain new skills and refine their professional plans. The internships may only be completed after the compulsory internship and must not conflict with students’ academic obligations.

During their third year abroad, students have the option of spending a semester completing an international internship (as part of a mixed year).

The Sciences Po Careers team helps students with the necessary administrative procedures for international internships: submitting a compulsory declaration of the placement (internship or volunteering), signing an internship agreement, providing information about visas, labour law, health insurance etc

You can send any questions to: scpo.carrieres@sciencespo.fr

Group and individual coaching

The Sciences Po Careers Advisors

The Sciences Po Careers Advisors will help you to prepare for your career and to choose a master's programme or career path.

Workshops and Group sessions

Designed for small groups of 10 to 15 students, these 2-hour long workshops are taught in English and French by HR consultants. They take place onsite or online.

  • CV and cover letters
  • Succeeding in a job interview
  • Introducing yourself in two minutes
  • Networking via Linkedin
  • Building a career plan
  • Optimising your internship search

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Key Figures

  • 80%

    of graduates find their first job in less than six months

  • 65%

    of young graduates seek employment in the private sector

  • 40%

    are recruited before graduation

  • 38%

    begin their career outside France

  • 40 K€

    is the average salary of our young graduates