Félix Tréguer


Félix Tréguer is post-doctoral researcher at CERI Sciences Po and associate researcher at CNRS Center for Internet and Society.

Main Publications

L'utopie déchue : une contre-histoire d'Internet (XVe-XXIe siècles) (2019), Fayard

Seeing Like Big Tech: Security Assemblages, Technology, and the Future of State Bureaucracy (2019). In: Data Politics: Worlds, Subjects, Rights (dir. Didier Bigo, Engin Isin, & Evelyn Ruppert). Londres, Routledge

Gaps and bumps in the political history of the internet (2018). Internet Policy Review. Vol. 6, n°4

Intelligence Reform and the Snowden Paradox: The Case of France (2017). Media and Communication. Vol. 5, n° 1, p. 17‑28


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