80 years, 80 international events analysed by CERI

On October 19, 2019, the Centre national de la recherche scientifique will celebrate its 80th birthday. Throughout the year, the various research centers under its jurisdiction will mark this anniversary with initiatives promoting their scientific discoveries and achievements aimed at different audiences.

CERI will be participating in this tribute by producing a chronological timeline that is both educational and informative.

This retrospective presents 80 international events that have transformed and shaped our contemporary world over the 80 years of existence of the CNRS - from 1939 to 2019. For each of these major dates selected from among the scientific contributions of the researchers who have made and are still making CERI, the timeline presents books, articles and online resources. These materials analyze the causes, decipher the meaning, and study the scope and consequences of these 80 events.

This timeline is a testimony to the diversity and richness of CERI's contribution to the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge, in the spirit of freedom and high standards so dear to the CNRS.

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