Freedom for Fariba Adelkhah

Our colleague, anthropologist Fariba Adelkhah, Research Professor and member of our centre since 1993, was arrested in Iran in June 2019 while carrying out her research. She is currently being detained in Iran.

We are deeply disturbed and appalled at this arrest, which constitutes an obvious violation of the freedom of research. We assure Fariba of our unwavering support and friendship. We sincerely hope to see her back among us without delay.

The entire CERI team

Read Alain Dieckhoff's editorial

Further support for Fariba Adelkhah:

- Fonds d'analyses des sociétés politiques (FASOPO) (english)
- Sciences Po faculty (english)
- Association Française de Science Politique (French Political Science Association)

The facts about Fariba Adelkhah: what we know

You will find below a list of some of Fariba Adelkhah's publications, available on this website.


Les Dossiers du CERI

May 2013
Iran: A Passed Time?
Coordinated by Fariba Adelkhah


Critique internationale

April 2003, n°19
Partir sans quitter, quitter sans partir
Fariba Adelkhah

July 2001, n°12
Qui a peur du mollah Omar ? L’économie morale du « talebanisme » dans le Golfe

Fariba Adelkhah

Winter 2000, n°6
Iran : les enjeux des élections législatives
Fariba Adelkhah and Jean-François Bayart



2016, Routledge
The Thousand and One Borders of Iran. Travel and Identity
Fariba Adelkhah

2013, Éditions Le Cavalier Bleu
Les paradoxes de l’Iran. Idées reçues sur la République islamique
Fariba Adelkhah

2012, Éditions Karthala
Les mille et une frontières de l'Iran. Quand les voyages forment la nation
Fariba Adelkhah

2011, Routledge
The Moral Economy of the Madrasa. Islam and Education Today
Fariba Adelkhah and Keiko Sakurai (Eds)

2007, Éditions Karthala
Voyages du développement. Emigration, commerce, exil
Fariba Adelkhah and Jean-François Bayart (Eds)

2006, Éditions Karthala
Being Modern in Iran
Fariba Adelkhah

2000, CNRS Éditions
Ramadan et politique
Fariba Adelkhah and François Georgeon (Eds)

1993, Éditions Complexe
Thermidor en Iran
Fariba Adelkhah, Jean-François Bayart et Olivier Roy

1991, Éditions Karthala
La révolution sous le voile. Femmes islamiques d'Iran
Fariba Adelkhah